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Can Electric Scooters Go Up Hills?

Can Electric Scooters Go Up Hills

It is an old question whether electric scooters go up hills or not, but still, it has significance among beginner riders. If you live in a hilly area, then finding the answer to this question will be practical and authentic. However, the simple answer to this question is yes. There are a lot of factors that you can consider to check whether your electric scooters can go up hills or not 

Steepness Of Hills

The most important consideration is the steepness of the hills on which you are planning to climb. As a rider, you may know the feeling of struggle to climb higher. Some hills have incredibly sharp edges and high steepness, making it difficult to climb with entry-level scooters.

However, we can not measure the gradient before climbing up the hill, but we can do a possible thing by choosing the right product. If you think your scooter has enough power to climb higher, then there is nothing to worry about.


Motor Power

The power of a motor and the type of motor matter a lot when climbing the hill. Power is usually measured in watts. If your electric scooter has at least 500-watt motor power, then you can easily enjoy the riding experience. For this purpose, if spending a good amount of money is a must, then do it. Moreover, having a firm tire grip and traction will be a plus.

Please note that, don’t think to take an electric motor with less than 500-watt motor power. You will struggle a lot to climb higher. But you cannot deny the fact that electric bikes have also emerged in the market and you can get the best electric bike under 1000.


There are two things in the weight factor, one is the weight of a rider that an electric scooter carries, and the second one is its own weight that impacts the portability. If your product has a heavy weight such as 40 pounds, it will consume more power and battery and will work less efficiently.

There are only slight chances for reaching the higher steeps with less efficient electric scooters.


The second last important attribute is the quality of the tire and the material of the tire. Its material and grip will determine how high you can reach because your tire constantly interacts with the roads of surfaces.

We will suggest you choose the electric scooter that has fewer chances of slipping and provide reasonable traction support to go higher.

Suspension & Design

Always choose a double suspension scooter because they provide a reasonable balance between everything. A good quality suspension system will influence your balance at different steep angles. If the suspension system is not good, it might be possible that your weight will impact the wheels, resulting in damages and accidents.

That is why we are suggesting using double suspensions because they will distribute your body weight.

On the other hand, portable and foldable designs are easier to handle than custom-made ones. They cover less storage space and provide more mobility. Secondly, their traction support is also good.