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The 7 biggest technology trends in 2020:

The 7 biggest technology trends in 2020:

This is the era of industrialization where mechanization and technology are extending at a great pace. Today technology becomes a movement and those organizations people who didn’t follow the main trend have the risk of being abandoned. But it is a great occasion for those who are in search of key trends and if they follow trends, they will become successful in their certain discipline. If you are one of those people who are in search of new upcoming trends then you are on the right platform. Here I am going to tell you about the 7 biggest technology trends in 2020. so that when these movements are in trending then you are the first one who is going to become a triumphant person in that field.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is the newest innovations of our generation. It is associated with human intelligence in a machine on small scale. The machines that have human intelligence, programmed to thought like human and work as a human.

Artificial intelligence invented to make human life easier by solving their difficulties. That’s why it is used on large scale by countries to make their defence stronger. Artificial intelligence also used by various organizations to make their company up-to-date. Most of the people are now using it at domestic level by using SIRI and ALEXA. 

 5G Data:

The greatest invention of our generation is 5g. 5g provides us with portable information and interconnecting with all other networks worldwide. It provides the downloading and uploading speed much faster than any other data providing network like 4g in every perspective. 5g provides the best efficiency with low suspension.

The exclusive trouble in setting up 5g is its antennas. 5g has a low frequency and a low range of transferring. So that it requires a large number of antennas at various points to transfer 5g signals from one place to another. The reason for having a low frequency of 5g is that it carries a lot of data. Hence it is the reason that 5g is much expensive then 4g but as it provides much faster speed than 4g so its 5g data network right to be more expansive.5g network will be in the market after 3-4 years because of the construction and testing time taken by its antennas. In almost 3 to 4 years, we will have a reliable 5g data. 

Development of automatic cars:

Automatic cars seem to be a dream a few decades ago. But now it is going to true in the next few years. Tesla company head “ELON MUSK,” says that his company will be first in the world who releases its automatic cars in the market by next 2 or 3 years. 

Automatic cars provide much ease to people than manual cars because it will be a source of being saved from various dangerous accidents. The reason is that the machine is not like humans. Machines do their work with seriousness according to the chip provided to it. Automatic cars include a function of lane changing, auto-driving and providing security to the cars from being theft.

Cyber Resilience:

Cyber resilience is one the best among these 7 biggest technology trends in 2020. cyber resilience has the potential for an organization to protect, safeguard and recovers from loss when a cyber-attack occurs. An organization has cyber resilience if it can safeguard from cyber-attack, defend the company and provides a warranty of reverence from the loss occurred by the cyber-attack.

While the major target of cybersecurity is to safeguard the IT network of any country or organization. Cyber resilience gives more security to it. It guarantees that flogs delivered safely. Cyber resilience is obligatory because, after the cyberattack, it protects the market and business delivery so that the trade is not disturbed.

Development of health care:

With the development in technology, development In health care department also takes place. In the last two decades those people who have some dangerous diseases like cancer and dengue. Most of them died because at that time there was not a perfect treatment for these diseases available. 

Now with the passage of time, their perfect treatment was found by the discovery of a human genome project. This technology begins about 13 years ago, and at least $2.7 billion consumed on the human genome project. Fast, opened scope, and minimum attempt in DNA sequencing has pushed genomics into quality medication, operating a continuing push toward accurate medication.

Development in Aerospace technologies:

Aerospace development is a high-revolution organization that produces “Aeroplan, commanded rockets, space vehicles, Aeroplan motors and associated fragments”. the great part of the business is deliberated for judicial work. Others integrate the extraordinarily big aircraft industry.

Humanity will start its re-visitation of space, to a great extent, driven by the private sector. Since the Cold War, innovative advances have eased back. Prominent organizations currently causing aviation head-ways to incorporate SpaceX and Blue Origin.

Blockchain innovation:

Blockchain is a system of record information so that it makes it extreme to change, hack, or cheat the organization. A blockchain is fundamentally a serious record of trades that duplicated and scatter over the entire association of PC network on the blockchain. 

Each square in a chain comprise of the quantity of arrangement and when another understanding occurs on the blockchain. Information added to every individual’s account book of those arrangements.

This implicit the little possibility that one block in one chain altered. It would be swiftly limpid of which it had been rumpled up. On the little possibility that hackers required to corrupt a blockchain system. They would need to replace each block in the chain, over the whole of the circulated shape of the chain.


After reading the above mentioned latest technology trend we can conclude that those organization who follow the trends are the most successful ones in the world. In my opinion and according to my research of the 7 biggest technology trends in 2020. The most advanced and fastest-growing technology is Cyber resilience. The reason is that cyber resilience provides safeguard from cyber attacks as well as provide safeguard to the information or trading which a company have

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