YIFY And YTS Torrents

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Although, YIFY and YTS torrents are the most popular movie websites for online streaming movies.

It was well recognized for offering free downloads of a lot of movies via BitTorrent.

On the other hand, it is permanently banned due to breaking the law of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

What Is YIFY?

Hollywood’s main adversary and primary competitor, YIFY, was known for its egregious acts of piracy.

What Is YIFY?
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A P2P release organization called YIFY Torrents or YTS was well-known for offering free downloads of a lot of movies via BitTorrent.

Furthermore, small file sizes, which made YIFY releases stand out, attracted many downloaders.

After a New Zealand court made its specifics public in 2015, the public learned where the name of the website came from.

Additionally, Yiftach Swery started YIFY Torrents in 2010 while he was a computer science student at the University of Waikato.


A web and software developer from Auckland, New Zealand. Her name is Yiftach. He is also a world-class archer.

The YIFY brand was receiving enough traffic in August 2011 to support the establishment of an official YIFY Torrents Website.

However, it was ultimately prohibited by UK authorities. To allow users to get around this prohibition, a backup website called yify-torrents.im was developed.

How To Download The Movie From YIFY?

Here, I’ll use obtaining the latest materials for the YIFY movie as an example of how to download movies from “yts.ge”.

How To Download The Movie From YIFY?
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Actually, completing a flawless YIFY download is not difficult.

Let’s get going now:

  1. Go to “yts.ge” and then search and find the movie you want to download. Enter the name of the selected movie in the “Quick Search” box. Depending on your intent at that exact time, it will provide you with relevant results
  2. Download YIFY movie torrents from YIFY movie sites. For more details, click the movie poster you wish to download. To download 1080p movies, 3D movies, etc., click the green Download button and choose your chosen movie resolution.
  3. Open the YIFY movies torrent with your torrent software after downloading it from the YIFY movies website to start downloading the movie. Observe the photo above.

Is There Any APP Or APK Download For YIFY?

Yes! It is available in the play store and app store. It also downloads directly or indirectly.

YIFY Movies Browser allows you to search and explore movies. You can open or copy the magnet link. Movies in 720p and 1080p are available.

Furthermore, for movie buffs who wish to get their preferred movie torrents from the Internet, YIFY Movies Browser is a Torrent Search Engine (YTS). This software offers all of the movie torrents that YTS.org has to offer.

Please email us before reporting any copyright violations as this is not an official app. Within seven working days, we will delete the copyrighted information.

Feature Of YIFY Torrents:

There are many features of YIFY/YTS are provided by the developer:

  1. It has a high-quality resolution.
  2. It offers links to their social media profiles.
  3. To many other languages, it offers movies in Arabic, English, Spanish, Greek, and many more.
  4. It provides a wide range of genres.
  5. This website has an incredible search option that makes it easy to find movies.
  6. An excellent feature of this website is that it offers validated torrent files.

This is rare in the BitTorrent world (remember that ThePirateBay, the mother and father, and all torrenting websites don’t offer torrenting files at all, just magnet links).

Alternatives YIFY Torrents:

1. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site
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Pirate Bay is a popular torrent site among torrent fans due to its large database of torrents and decluttered interface.

Additionally, utilizing this YTS option, you can download torrents for films, software, tv-series, music, and more.

2. 1337x

torrents, 1337x
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The visual appeal of the torrent website is great because everything from the index page to the search results page is well-designed.

Due to the classification of torrents, 1337x serves a sizable following of torrent enthusiasts.

You get access to a variety of media, including movies, television, games, music, apps, and anime.

Additionally, this YTS alternative has a trending section where users can get all the hot and trendy torrents without having to go through the hassle of manually looking for them.

3. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrent, one of the top torrent sites of 2023, has the potential to serve as the ideal Yify alternative for anyone who cannot access YTS for any reason.

Furthermore, Several mirror websites have sprung online since the main Kickass Torrent website long ago went offline. The mirror domain features a mostly identical user interface and menu structure.

4. Extratorrent


Extratorrent was one of the most well-known torrent websites Until it was shut down in 2017 along with other torrent websites.

A lot of Extratorrent mirror websites have really emerged ever since the service was confronted with the power of authorities and law enforcement organizations.

Additionally, in the event that the torrent website is unavailable where you are located, you can alternatively use Extratorrent proxy services.

Extratorrent caters to a big audience by offering a lot of torrent files, thus you might be able to use it as a YTS alternative.

5. Rarbg


Rarbg has remained one of the most prominent torrent websites in the world despite being overrun by pop-ups and adverts.

Although, you may always visit Rarbg to download torrents if Yify movies aren’t working for you for whatever reason. It has a significant number of seeders and a decent selection of torrents.

As part of this, people eagerly anticipate downloading movies via torrent sites, since this YTS alternative offers current movie trailers in addition to a specific location for torrent movie downloads.

6. Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents has repeatedly been included among the best torrent sites. Since virtually every torrent file can be found on this website, people have responded well to the torrent website.

Moreover, Lime Torrent’s website is updated often, torrent fanatics frequently visit it. There are numerous seeders and leechers for the torrent files provided here.



EZTV was created in 2005, and after a fantastic 10 years, it was shut down in 2015 when “EZCLOUD LIMITED” took possession of its servers.

In the past, EZTV has really experienced a number of stability issues and experienced a lengthy outage.

Thankfully, this Yify substitute is presently operational and open for customers to download torrent files.

Furthermore, the fact that EZTV is overrun with advertising that could irritate you is one of its disadvantages.

8. Zooqle


The final torrent site on our list of the best Yify alternatives is Zooqle. It is a brand-new player in the niche of torrents and is solidifying its position by expanding the selection of torrent files that customers may download.

Additionally, zooqle features a variety of categories that you may use to quickly download torrents, including applications, games, movies, music, and software.

The most seeded torrents have their own dedicated section on Zooqle, which is an area I’d like to see on other torrent services as well.


Many people believe that YIFY and YTS torrent website is illegal and not safe to use.

And think is whether it has no app, or real domain, and has no features!

Is YIFY Illegal?

In much of the world, it is illegal to share recent movies and TV series using the BitTorrent network.

The issue is not applicable worldwide because YIFY is really prohibited in countries where law enforcement has taken action against it. Therefore, everything is determined by your state.

It is permanently banned due to breaking the law of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).

Is YIFY Safe?

Yes, that is the response. The actual response, though, depends on what you download.

You run a higher risk of getting into trouble if you download torrent releases that have only been downloaded a few times or were posted by a new user.

Why Has YIFY Shut Down?

On October 30, 2015, it was officially announced that YIFY/YTS had been discontinued.

Due to a lawsuit filed by the Motion Picture Association of America, the website was taken down (MPAA).