Humans have exploited animals as props for personal usage, circus haunting, and betting from the beginning of time.

Animals are undoubtedly greater in terms of strength, but humans are stronger in terms of wisdom.

As a result, people occasionally used animals to amuse themselves.

Humans keep birds as pets and use them in money-making competitions like this. Many are eager to watch the birds fight because this tournament is also being shown live online.

Wpit18. is a popular platform where individuals compete in chicken-fighting events. Some animal rights organisations strongly oppose it.

If you often use the internet in the Philippines, you may have seen adverts for Wpit18, Sabong’s online logging service.

What Is Wpit18?

What Is Wpit18?

Wpit18 is an online gaming platform where individuals may enjoy real-time rooster fights. The Wpit18 game lasts 4-5 minutes, and the winner rooster survives.

Signing up on the website is free and open to anyone who wants to earn money by getting birds to fight.

wpit18 is a more direct technique for communicating with global pitmasters. This game only involves a few members and the hens who participate in these games. 

They are all from the Philippines, competing not just with one another but also with their roosters.

Every Wpit18 member is required to observe certain rules and regulations. You could win different sums of money depending on where you finish and how difficult the game is. 

Although these tournaments are banned in many countries, some sites still operate, indicating that people are still interested in them. One of these countries is the Philippines.

The World Pit Cup is a thrilling and intense event. Spectators watch as these strong competitors compete until one is declared the winner. It’s an incredible sensation that will leave you struggling for breath.

Best Features Of Wpit18:

  1. For live broadcasting, wpit18 provides HD resolution.
  2. This platform provides services that are available at all times.
  3. Due to the popularity of the site, other turned sites have been launched, including Wpit19 (where roosters fight with knives), Wpit20 (where roosters fight with hatchets), and Wpit21 (where roosters fight with chainsaws) (where roosters fight with axes).
  4. The website provides the ability to earn money.
  5. This gaming platform has social media accessibility like facebook, instagram and youtube.
  6. If anyone gains 100 points, he can participate.
  7. Wpit18.com facilitates online money transfers. You can earn between $5,000 and $15,000 every game.

How Does Wpit18 Work?

The World Pitmasters Cup (WPC) is a competition that takes place online in the Philippines. There are many participants in the tournament. However, you should be aware of how wpit18 work. Using Wpit18 needs multiple steps, which are detailed below:

  1. Registration is required to access the site because wpit18 has its policies. Thus, users must give personal information and create an account.
  2. After signing up, customers must deposit money into their Wpit18 account to place bets. The site allows credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets as payment methods.
  3. wpit18 gives information about participating roosters, such as breed, weight, and historical performance, to enable users to make an informed decision.
  4. After selecting a rooster to bet on, individuals can put bets using the funds in their Wpit18 account. The programme provides a variety of betting possibilities, such as selecting the winning rooster or the number of rounds the fight will last.
  5. Users can use the platform’s real-time streaming service from any device with an internet connection to watch the battle. If your gamble is successful, you will get credit with rewards to your Wpit18 account. These awards can be cashed or used to place additional bets on the platform.

Note: Cockfighting is prohibited in many countries and is considered brutal and harmful to the animals involved.

How Do I Login & Sign Up For Wpit18’s Live Dashboard?

How Do I Login & Sign Up For Wpit18's Dashboard?
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Wpit18 live registration is simple. To register on the Wpit18.com website, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Wpit18 Sign up:

  1.  “https://wpit18.com/” is a website to visit.
  2. Choose “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT YET?” from the drop-down menu. PLEASE CONTACT US” • Click the “Contact Us” link in the drop-down menu.
  3. These are your options: Residents of the Philippines: 09451491761 Whatsapp; 09638900729 Viber. For the sake of others: Globe: 09267339425, Smart: 09632797978.
  4. To register, please call the administrator at the numbers above.
  5. You will be given a username and password after successfully registering.

Wpit18 Live Login:

  1. Go to the official website wpit18.com and write user name and password for account registration.
  2. To get in touch with official team, click on “contact us” link if you ar registering yourself for the first time. 
  3. Once you click, you can now move to another page it gives you whatsapp or viber number for contact.
  4. A registered user can earn between $5,000 and $15,000 each month. Both men and women can try their luck on this platform.

Pros And Cons Of Wpit18:

You can decide whether or not to play once you’ve joined up. You will be able to start playing immediately after signing up. Sign up if you wish to participate in the competition.

If you don’t, it will be more difficult for you to win. You’re not going to win too often. You can, however, continue to play.

This is a significant advantage of Wpit18. If you know how to play poker online, you can try your hand at WPIT’s games.

Furthermore, Lucky 8 reserves the right to refuse a customer’s registration. If Lucky Eight does not approve a user’s application, he or she may be expelled from the site. Also, the website is a private one.

Furthermore, the website is closed, and Lucky8 reserves the right to reject anyone. Its owners are not required to explain why they make their judgments.

There are a few things you should bear in mind when signing up: Signing up for a Wpit18 account is free, but you must meet certain prerequisites.


  1. Players can create their strategy and use whichever methods work best to win because there are no restrictions or rules. It is genuinely unique and customizable as a result.
  2. Wpit is easy to use, meaning anyone can navigate the menus and locate what they’re looking for.
  3. There are no In-App Purchases or Advertisements, so the game is free. It provides players with unlimited control over their experience, with no limitations.
  4. Wpit18 is a fun and entertaining game that is simple to learn. It is playable by anyone, regardless of gaming experience or age.
  5. The game has a variety of difficulties that can keep players occupied for hours.
  6. The high-quality graphics and acoustics make it a fun experience for people of all ages.
  7. Its online multiplayer element makes the game considerably more challenging and exciting.


  1. Wpit18 is involved in cruelty against animals.
  2. Killing for the sake of a game is a sin.
  3. Wpit18 is a gambling and betting game.

Wpit18 Customer Reviews:

Participants must fill an online registration form to be suitable for these competitions, which injure animals. Some NGOs have also criticised the game, mentioning the mistreatment of animals in the process.

While many WPIT18 reviews express that the site offers a lot of money and chances for players, many also argue that the tournaments promote animal cruelty.

While this event is not strictly unlawful, it violates several nations’ guidelines and displays no pity for animals.

And the organisers profit by charging audience members to attend. Yet, this behaviour is not only harmful to animals; it is also disturbing.

Whether or not a person participates in an incident, the consequences of animal cruelty are frequently severe.

Some people prefer spending time with animals and competing in sports, while others compete for money or entertainment.

Animal cruelty, for whatever reason, is never acceptable. Even those who do not wish to harm animals are likely to participate in such events.

Top 12 Wpit18 Alternatives 2023:

Wpit18 is the world’s largest online cockfighting event. A user must sign up on this website to participate in the event. Here are somentop 12 Wpit18 alternatives 2023:

  1. SL618.net
  2. SL618.live is the second URL
  3. WPC15.com 4. Mbc2030.live
  4. WPCJournal.com
  5. Pitmaster.live
  6. WPC2022.live
  7. WPC2025.live
  8. SL618.com
  9. Sw418.com
  10.  S888.live
  11. WPC2026.live
  12. SL418.com

Wrapping up:

Animals have the right to live in harmony with humans. Many nations have banned Wpit18 because it violates animal rights or because they do not want people to gamble in general. 

People in the Philippines are enthusiastic about what they love, regardless of what others say.

Even though it may not work in countries where it is prohibited, the official Wpit18 website claims that everyone else will be allowed to access the service.

It is not just dishonest but morally wrong to bet money on animals. Working for wpit18.com login is legal, but you can do more valuable things with your time.


Q1: Where Will Wpit18 Take Place?

The World Cockfighting Championships are held annually in various parts of the world.  A tournament is a week-long tournament that comprises of daily rooster battles. The event is held in numerous countries, including Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Q2: Is Wpit18 A Safe?

Yeah, Wpit18 is a perfectly safe and secure website. Players who register on the platform have their information protected. These tournaments, however, are terrible since they involve innocent animals.

Q3: What’s The Difference Between Wpit18 And WPC?

Wpit18 is an online site in the Philippines where cock fighting is planned, and Wpit18 hosts the WPC or Wpit18 Pitmaster Cup.

Q4: Is Wpit18 Legal?

In most states, fighting roosters is not against the law, but a handful has made it unlawful to keep them.

In other circumstances, the owner may be held responsible if a fighting rooster injures someone or damages property. As part of their animal laws, some localities also prohibit the keeping of fighting roosters.

Q5: Why do so many people enjoy this Game?

Many also appreciate Wpit because it allows them to be creative. They can design and share their levels, characters, and things for the Game.

It creates a unique experience for each player while presenting fresh difficulties to those familiar with the Game.

Wpit is a popular game among gamers because it is fast-paced and thrilling. The graphics are also fantastic, which adds to the Game’s enjoyment.

The sound effects and music enhance the Game’s intensity, making it impossible to put down once you start playing.

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