Why Is Migrating Salesforce Classic To Lightning Important?

It’s been over three years since Salesforce Lightning was officially introduced to replace Salesforce Classic.

It is brimming with accelerated, speeded-up, strong features that effectively and efficiently improve productivity to boost sales more quickly and make more important judgments.

To move your CRM into the future, you must migrate Salesforce classic to lightning. There will be nothing new or intriguing added to Salesforce Classic’s platform as it approaches its end of life, according to an official announcement. The best resources for the Salesforce UI will be available to users thanks to lightning.

How Does Salesforce Lightning Work?

Salesforce Lightning is a framework that is based on components and the user interface and was created to streamline procedures.

Lightning is specifically made for the best experience on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices. You will have more time to complete your task than if you were chained to your desk since you can access all of your Salesforce data, track it, and drop it to the customization for layouts, reports, and applications.

Why To Migrate Salesforce From Classic To Lightning?

  1. Salesforce Lightning has a set of user interfaces (UI) that have been speed- and usability-optimised.
  2. Salesforce Lightning makes it simpler and quicker to customise for any device.
  3. Without authoring even one line of code. To create desktop and mobile applications and customise pages using lightning experiences, drag-and-drop lightning components are available.
  4. Streamline your functionality throughout the platform to work more efficiently.
  5. Join new clients who have seen a 40% improvement in both productivity and teamwork by switching and increase the cooperation and productivity of your company.
  6. It facilitates the development team’s actions by converting current contributors to higher donation levels and more prospects into new donors by shortening the length of the path.
  7. Lightning will be used for all upcoming and current versions, not the “Classic” interface!
  8. To ensure that all contacts are synchronised and current, Access offers external support for Lightning from Outlook.

Advantages Of Migrating From Classic To Lightning

The lightning-fast application development process with a lightning bolt with mobile-first sync capability can provide many benefits from the visual force.

  1. 53% sales force output
  2. 41% increase in customer revenue
  3. 70% faster application development time

Salesforce has thousands of clients, ranging from large multinational corporations to startups, and this is important to keep in mind.

It makes sense to be excited about the new Salesforce Lightning offerings, from your system’s features to the actual migration without interfering with customer data. This is where our skilful expertise shines through.


Business users are the primary stakeholders in the success while you migrate Salesforce classic to lightning, therefore you must keep this in mind while selecting an automated Salesforce testing platform.

They normally carry out UAT and functional testing, and they are also typically in charge of seasonal update testing.

You need to employ a low-learning-curve no-code test automation platform because these users are typically non-technical.

Furthermore, Opkey is thought to be the most sophisticated no-code Salesforce test automation technology available.