What Is The Difference Between A Laptop And VivoBook

Difference Between A Laptop And VivoBook – Which Is Better To Buy

In the world of laptops, several top products stand up in the list regarding different needs and requirements. Every laptop is specifically designed for a specific purpose. For example, the best gaming laptops for $400 do not compare with the gaming laptops that cost $1000.

Vivobook vs Laptop

The main difference between vivobook vs laptop is that both are designed for gaming purposes, but the components they use are entirely different. Companies make huge misconceptions and sometimes mislead by advertising their products. People consider that vivobooks are something new and innovative which is wrong.

They are a large group of ASUS laptops that are designed for a specific purpose. Here in this post, we will discuss the comparison of Asus vivobook f510ua with other top laptops on the market.

Asus vivobook f510ua vs Gaming Laptops For $400

Several interesting facts about the Asus vivobook and Acer aspire 5 slim laptops, which is an award-winning laptop of 2020. We will start our discussion about both of these products with the design.

The design of the vivobook is slimmer than you expect, whereas the Acer has a little bit thick and heavy design because it is designed for video streaming. They have used a 15.6 inches display for video streaming, which is the same, but the manufacturing quality varies. On the other hand, Asus Vivobook is lighter than Acer.

Acer weighs 4 pounds, and Asus vivobook weighs 3.5 pounds. Please note that if you compare the design of Asus with dell laptops then you will find it thicker because Dell uses low-quality components and they are not reliable for gaming purposes.

Battery Timing

When it comes to the battery, Acer beats vivobook. You will get one hour more extended battery in Acer, which is a good option. But anyhow, if you bought an Asus Vivobook, then it will be the right choice as compared to desktops.

You can take it anywhere you want. You will get Alexa enabled in the Acer laptop, which consumes more battery than Vivobook.


The Asus Vivobook is designed for daily productivity work on which you can also play some high-end games. You will get a quad-core processor of the 8th generation in the Asus, whereas Acer has installed the AMD Ryzen  3 3200U processor.

Several port options are available on both laptops, such as HDMI, USB 3.1, and 2.1. Asus has 8GB DDR4. Sadly, the Acer version uses 4GB DDR4. Asus wins again at this point of performance.

Points Where ASUS Vivobook f510ua Wins

  • The weight of ASUS Vivobook is lightweight
  • It has 8GB DDR4 which is higher than Acer
  • The thickness of the screen is lighter and slim
  • The battery timing is great if you utilize the laptop for productive work only
  • Its keyboard comfort is pretty impressive

Final Words

After comparing both these products, we concluded that both laptops are great and tried their best to provide an optimal user experience. Only some technical factors differ between them. The low ram of Acer is not a significant issue. Hence you can upgrade it as much as you can.

On the other hand, if you only consume the battery for completing productive tasks, ASUS will be a good option. The best thing that we love about these two models is multiple port options and lightweight. They differ .5 pounds in their weight which is not a significant figure.