What Are The Best Halal Restaurants In California?

There are many restaurants in California that are popular and loved by many people. Still, with increased demand and a rapid rise in the food industry, finding the best Halal Food Restaurant that serves the most delicious and tasteful food to its customers is a tough decision. This post discusses two of California’s best and fastest-growing halal food providers.  

Big Al’s Pizzeria 

Are you a fast food lover and especially pizza? Then there is nothing to worry about where I can find the best halal pizza because Big Al’s pizzeria is one of its kind that is determined to provide the most delectable and tasteful pizza to its customers. 

Ingredients used in their pizza are fresh and certified halal, and all the products used in the food are high quality. The taste of pizza is unique and different from other fast-food restaurants because of its amazing special sauce, different stacked toppings, Italian flour dough, and freshly used herbs. 

Every person has a different choice when it comes to pizza; therefore, Big al’s pizzeria keeps this in mind and has a variety of pizzas with different sauces and toppings.

I am the one who loves to drink various beverages with various fast food; just like me, if you are at Big Al’s pizzeria, you don’t have to worry because you can get a wide variety of beverages with your fast food order. 

Crimson Coward 

Nashville hot chicken is a popular dish in America and is primarily served to spice lovers. It is different from other fried chicken because it not only contains hot and spicy sauce in marination but a more spicy one is sprinkled on it after frying, which makes it more sizzling hot. 

If you are searching for the best Nashville hot chicken in California, then your search is over because I have found the top and the most demanding hot chicken provider named Crimson Coward. 

Crimson Coward is one of the best halal chicken restaurants in California. Food available at this place is certified halal, comes from reputable forms, and is free from hormones and antibiotics. All the ingredients used in their fast food are fresh, halal, and good quality. 

Nashville hot chicken served at their restaurant is unique and different from other restaurants due to their own crimson rub in which the chicken is marinated for 24 hours, and the chicken takes the whole taste of the spices that makes it sizzling hot and spicy. 

This crimson rub contains 16 primary and 32 secondary spices, and you will surely love this unique drizzling hot and spicy Nashville hot chicken. You can also get a wide variety of other fast food at Crimson Coward.


If you live in California and are a food lover, then you are lucky to have Crimson Coward and Big Al’s pizzeria because these are one of the best and most lovable restaurants you must have to try to give a unique taste to your taste buds.