The Tech That All Senior And Elderly Need To Have

Technology has always been assumed to be a young person’s game and something that you need to be in the know to be able to make the most use.

However, it is now clear that the most modern tech is designed and built with people of all ages in mind. Furthermore, there is now technology that all the seniors and elderly out there should be thinking about using and having.

Wearable Healthcare Tech

Wearable smart healthcare tech has been primarily used as a fitness measure, with tech such as Fitbits and smart watches taking the lead.

However, a lot of monitoring tech, such as smartwatches and specific apps, have now also become one of the main ways that the elderly can be monitored, as well as sending any results and concerns directly to their medical professionals.

Communication Tech

Communication Tech
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The ability to keep in touch as easily as possible is a definite must for all the elderly and senior people. Many old people leave their homes for residential living that meets all their community and care needs and, as such, being able to communicate with family is vital

Whether they have moved to a nearby residential elderly village or senior living Scottsdale, your elderly relatives and friends will have to have a mobile device to contact those who aren’t with them. The smart mobile phone has been the mainstay of this communication.

There has also been a surge towards laptops and tablets used specifically for Skype or Teams to allow for a more interactive and social means of communication.


Just because you’re a little older, it doesn’t mean that you no longer want to watch your favorite movies, spend time with friends watching sports on television, or be entertained. Hence, the various assisted senior living options now all prioritize entertainment and elderly activities to prolong good mental health and well-being.

Handheld and mobile tablets have become major players in this area as seniors look for devices that can be connected to the internet and access their favorite entertainment.

A smart speaker is also something that many elderly people will swear by. It provides a means to listen to their music, as well as ask Google or Alexa a range of questions and for local information, should they need it.

Additional Considerations To Make

There are a few additional considerations to make before you rush out and arrange any of the technology discussed here for your elderly relatives and family members. The technology must meet certain criteria for it to be worthwhile, sustainable and efficient to use.

A touch screen is a must but may not work for everyone, but it needs to consider that elderly skin may be a bit dryer and as such the tech needs to be able to register a dryer touch.

All seniors need to have a tech with slightly bigger numbers and a larger screen. Eyesight challenges mean that all fonts and numbers need to be as big as required for the user to see them.

Just because they’re seniors, doesn’t mean that they don’t need protection. Cyber protection should be a standard install for all the devices and smart connected tech that the elderly is presented with to use.

Final Remarks

Technology is not just for the young, and there are certain iterations of current modern-day technologies that are being designed and made with the elderly in mind.

The tech mentioned and briefly discussed herein are those tech components that all the seniors out there should be considering. It is about making their lives as easy and comfortable as possible.