Savini Wheels

It seems like Savini Wheels has decided to upend the market of forged rims not only here in the United States but across the world!

It won’t come as a surprise to industry observers and aftermarket aficionados who know all the nooks and crannies of the luxury and custom rims industry. But few observers could have predicted that Savini was in such a tearing hurry.

After all, when it comes to bespoke and custom wheels for the most premium cars, Savini rules the global market. It is one of those brands that constitute the royalty of the aftermarket wheels niche.

Since its inception in 2003, Savini Wheels has set a benchmark for itself. It caters mostly to exclusive and one-off orders. While it certainly has an array of different families of wheels for every surface and every occasion, Savini’s products shine brighter than the competition (including the most cutting-edge rivals like Tesla Wheels) when it delivers custom-made orders.

At its principal factory in Anaheim, Savini manufactures a range of forged wheels that are designed mostly for the who’s who of automobile brands including Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Land Rover, Bentley, and Aston Martin.

It now seems that the company has bet big on multipiece forged wheels given the sheer number of models that have been unveiled. The strategy is still not very clear but Savini seems to muscle into this niche – and quickly.

Why Should I Buy Forged Rims In The First place?

Forged wheels have gradually become the number 1 choice for discerning clients who want to purchase a set of aftermarket rims that will be worth every penny.

Forged wheels are manufactured using special processes and using very high-quality aluminum like the 6061-T6 grade. Forging processes vary but the results are usually better than cast alloy rims.

A few advantages of forged rims from any major manufacturer include:

  1. Extremely low weight that provides superior navigability and cuts down on fuel consumption.
  2. Durability is a hallmark of these wheels. They make for marvelous off-road rims.
  3. Whether you are purchasing forged Savini Wheels or similar products from brands like Enkei, Fuel, and American Racing, one big positive aspect is their longevity. If you take proper care of these rims, they will easily last for a decade or more.
  4. Forged wheels are usually a lot stronger with tighter grain structure as the aluminum becomes denser during the manufacturing process. This essentially means resistance to chipping or damage to the outer lips from road debris.

With more premium EVs from Tesla, BMW, Kia, and Volvo rolling out each year, these lightweight wheels are a boon.

It’s not surprising that all Tesla Wheels are forged as well.

What’s Savini Offering Right Now?

At the moment, Savini has at least 10 forged models which are dominating the bestselling charts worldwide.

Here’s a look at some of their flagship models.


This is one of the most recent additions to the luxury wheels range and is designed for uber-high-end passenger vehicles like Rolls-Royces.

The model has a classic bearing with a minimalist approach to design. It’s available in sizes between 20 and 26-inches, and has 4 color finishes that can turn heads effortlessly.

The Savini SL-1 is a multipiece wheel and comes with the proprietary ‘Duoblock’ technology.

We were lucky enough to spot a C8 Corvette in yellow wearing a set of burgundy SL-1 wheels. The entire package and its effects were extraordinary!


This range boasts some of the boldest multipiece Savini Wheels available for sale. With more than 8 different configurations and swashbuckling colors including bright red, ocean blue, and neon green, it’s apparent that the range has been launched keeping versatility in mind.

The various configurations are indicative of the fact that Savini hopes the models will appeal to owners of premier sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs alike.

Naturally, you can ask the company to customize these rims by logging in to your account on Savini’s official website. You will be redirected to a special page – ‘iConfigurator’. This is where the AR kicks in and you can see how your chosen finish will suit the particular vehicle that you own.

While customizations are also provided by some of the leading luxury rim brands, not one comes close to the user experience Savini Wheels offers.


This range primarily targets performance vehicles and full-size SUVs. The multipiece forged rims start at 19-inches. 2 points set this family slightly apart.

One is the aggressive build of the rims, a throwback at the muscle cars that ruled the roost in the 1960s.

But perhaps the second point is even more pertinent: these are specifically designed for low-slung vehicles. We have seen SV83 rims in use on the Lamborghini Huracan and the BMW i8.

The results are astonishing! The SV83 is probably more handsome than some of the latest Tesla Wheels.


This is one of their most interesting models with equal mixtures of style and performance. The Savini Forged 65 is an older member but has recently received a facelift and a few more colors.

The multipiece wonder now has an additional golden and a neon finish, topped up with a super-bold two-tone.

A total of 7 very different configurations ensures that SF65 rims will remain a darling of high-end car owners. Call us biased, but we loved the chrome SF65 we saw on a 2020 Mustang GT in matte black!


As you can figure out, Savini Wheels are expensive. Worse, there are a number of fakes available too. It’s crucial that you get a set from an established retailer only.

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