PRINCE2 Certification guide for misguided Project Managers

PRINCE2 is one of the finest certifications in the field of project management. The following certification has given numerous candidates an opportunity to give a new direction to their career path.

The certification of PRINCE2 has gone through various changes and modifications, which has also given a new shape to the following certification.

If we discuss the book “PRINCE2 A Practical Handbook”, we will be able to discover new aspects of PRINCE2 certification, and it is an assured fact that the candidates will gain a lot of knowledge from the following.

The following book is Worth Reading and is worth the time, especially when the candidates look towards beginning their career as an aspiring project manager.

The new and aspiring candidates as considered as the misguided project managers as there are numerous certifications out of which they have to choose.

All the certifications in the job market or only in the field of project management look equally attractive and hold great importance. The only problem which these certifications feature is that they are not easy for the candidates to qualify.

Apart from the difficult Couse, the certifications consume a lot of time and a huge amount of money. All the tiers of project management require the candidates to invest a huge amount of money.

There is also no certain guarantee that the candidates will qualify for the examination in their first attempt.

The question which arises from Colin Bentley is that “What is the reason due to which numerous professionals say that they are project managers when the work they actually do is firefighting?”.

This question can be considered valid if we observe things from several aspects. The following is also true because PRINCE2 manages projects in a closed atmosphere. The following is the kind of organization that has tight deadlines and tighter deliverables.

Everything in the Prince organization takes place through a proper channel that to in a controlled surroundings.

If we look closely, we can say that achieving the PRINCE2 certification is easier than maintaining a profile as an effective PRINCE2 professional.

Worst scenario which the PRINCE2 professionals might come across

There are certain organizations in the industry that believe that replacing the project managers would solve the problem or recover the losses in a project.

The induction of this new candidate might also take place if the organization is constantly failing to meet its deadlines.

This might also take place because the higher authorities or the professionals at the higher designation might be looking for the work to be completed soon.

There are chances that the project managers might deal with the issues caused in the project, but maximum times, they fail to do so. The project managers, at times, fail to meet the project needs even when they work with their project management teams.

The project managers also have to focus on the risks in a project and do anything to eradicate the project risks. The risks in the projects at times arise due to the strict work frame of the projects.

In such cases, the organizations observe and conclude that the project managers are only working to manage the risks and issues of the project rather than working to make any kind of improvements in it.

Such things are very common in any project management organization.

Principles of PRINCE2:

PRINCE2 is the abbreviation of projects in controlled surroundings. There are numerous principles of PRINCE2 which the organizations need to adopt in order to enhance their projects. The principles of PRINCE2 are:

Projects need to have a business justification: 

From the beginning to the end of the projects, the projects need to have a proper business justification.

The following means that there lies an accountability factor where the upper managements expect to get a return on their investment.

Management Teams need to develop:

The project management teams need to update a “lessons learned” log. This would prevent the teams from repeating the same mistakes again.

All the project management organizations need to adopt this principle. There are numerous sessions held where the members of the team are given an opportunity to demonstrate their performance.

Roles and responsibilities:

The following is a crucial aspect of PRINCE2 principles for things to work finely. All the members of the teams need to know their responsibilities properly.

If the project managers fail to understand their roles and responsibilities properly, then they have to face adverse consequences, time delays, and lots of confusion during collaboration meetings.


The candidates engaged in the field of project management or the candidates who are engaged in PRINCE2 must keep these principles in mind and execute the following to function projects in an effective manner.

There are some principles of PRINCE2 which the candidates can follow to carry out project management effectively.