iBAT Price

Battle Infinity is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency project that offers a large range of DeFi products that can be used to obtain in-game money, which creates concerns about the IBAT coin price.

You may purchase and sell IBAT using Battle Infinity’s decentralized currency exchange, Battle Swap (DEX). This new cryptocurrency effort stands out for its shared and sports fantasy league based NFT, called IBAT Battle Swap.

The NFT marketplace in the ecosystem is the Battle Market of IBAT, where users may buy battle infinite coins and sell NFT cards to get direct connections. There’re a lot of factors regarding the price prediction for IBAT

The digital environment of Battle Infinity, The Battle Arena, also primarily depends on NFTs. With the help of ERC-721 smart contract tech, players in the P2E environment may instantly construct their own NFT character, enabling them to sign up for the Metaverse as a brand-new image.

By donning headphones and modifying their avatars from the marketplace of NFT, players might join online concerts and events.

One of the most important NFT utilities is Battle Infinity, which also happens to be one of the greatest online stores for P2E NFT games and a great site to buy NFT games.

The best performers are awarded NFTs, which may be traded on the market as well. Users ought to stake IBAT on the Battle Stake in order to participate.

IBAT has lately gained popularity as a cryptocurrency as a result of the staking system’s implementation.

In this article, we will discuss IBAT price, chart, value, and market cap.

Battle Infinity Price & Presale Recap  

Battle Infinity mixes gaming with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols by utilizing NFTs and profits in order on its metaverse platform. The ecosystem’s native token, known as IBAT, is utilized for rewarding users and recording transactions.

IBAT Battle Swap, Battle Infinity’s DEX, is where investors may buy IBAT. Once acquired, IBAT tokens may be used in a variety of gaming environments, including a metaverse-based ecosystem as well as a sports fantasy league.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain, the IBAT token (Binance Exchange Token) is a BEP 20 token (BSC). IBAT will conduct a presale in 2022 to release 27% of its total 10 billion token supply.

Despite having a 3 month presale period, IBAT accomplished one of the best crypto presale rounds by trading all of its supplies in under 24 days. The token was available at this time for only $0.0015.

IBAT was included on one of the biggest cryptocurrency DEXs, PancakeSwap, after the presale ended. The combat infinite coin’s price soared to $0.0105 after its initial launch in August of 2022, a rise of more than 7 times.

As a consequence, IBAT was acknowledged as one of the cryptocurrency projects with the fastest rate of growth within a few months of the release of its coin.

IBAT has shares outstanding market worth of $32 million as well as a live market capital of $10 million at the present price range of $0.003 to $0.0035 for each token.

IBAT has the potential to continue generating higher values in the lengthy period and challenge its all-time high (ATH), which was $0.011 on PancakeSwap on the day of its August launch, due to its increased token listings on centralized altcoin exchangers like LBank and Coin98 and more on the roadmap.

IBAT Market Cap And Value

Battle Infinity now has a market value of $6.56M. A large market capitalization suggests that the market values the asset highly. A maximum of 10 billion IBAT tokens are available for Battle Infinity, with around 30% of that amount set up for private and open presales.

According to the IBAT token price of around $0.005 in August 2022, the Battle Infinity market cap is approximately $50 million. The market capitalization of IBAT is based on the success of the market for its underlying digital currency, just like any other crypto project.

IBAT’s tokenomics and distribution scheme are described in more detail below:

  1. Private Sale – 2.5%
  2. Liquidity – 6%
  3. Presale – 28%
  4. Founders & Partners – 20%
  5. Team Allocation – 10.5%
  6. Foundation & Development – 10%
  7. Marketing & CEX Listing – 18%
  8. Advisors & Legal Team – 5%

Bottom line

Our Battle Infinity cryptocurrency price prediction suggests that the IBAT token might climb by 566% from the presale price to $0.01 by 2023.

So it’s apparent that Battle Infinity is becoming more and more popular day by day. I hope you have got a clear picture of the details of IBAT price, chart, value & market cap by reading this article.