How to Make International Calls More Effectively

International calls refer to telephone calls made between two or more countries. These calls can be made using a landline or a mobile phone and may be subject to additional charges or fees. 

There are various ways to make international calls, including using a phone card, a calling plan, or an app. Some popular apps for making international calls include WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

A Guide on How to Make an International Call

To make an international call using a home phone service, dial the international call prefix (usually 011 in the US and Canada), the country code, the area code (if necessary), and the phone number. For instance, here is a simple guide on how to call France from the USA:

Dial the international call prefix (011), the country code for France (33), the area code, and the phone number. The format for dialing an international call to France from the USA is as follows:

011 + 33 + area code (if necessary) + phone number

For example, to call a phone number in Paris, France, you would dial:

011 + 33 + 1 + phone number

If you want to call a number in France, you should add the prefix +33 6 or +33 7 before the phone number.

Some providers offer international calling plans or packages that can help save on costs. However, note that international calling rates may vary depending on your carrier and calling plan. So, check with your service provider for information on rates and fees before making an international call.

How Does a Calling Package and Plan Help During International Calls?

A calling package or plan can help during international calls by reducing the cost of the call or by providing a certain number of minutes or unlimited international calling at a discounted rate.

These packages and plans are offered by phone service providers and are added to their regular service plans.

By subscribing to a calling package or plan, you can save money on international calls by paying a flat rate or a reduced per-minute rate.

This can be useful if you frequently make international calls or if you need to call a specific country or region regularly. Some providers also offer free international calling plans to certain countries or regions.

Additionally, some providers offer apps or services that allow you to make international calls using your internet connection (VoIP) instead of your phone line, which can also be cheaper than traditional international calls.

Which are the Most International Called Countries From the USA?

The most internationally called countries from the USA vary depending on cultural ties, business connections, and tourism. However, some of the most commonly called countries from the USA include:

  • Mexico: Due to its proximity and the large Mexican-American population, Mexico has a long-standing relationship with the USA.
  • Canada: As a significant trading partner of the USA, Canada is a commonly called country.
  • China: China is an economic partner of the USA, with many businesses and individuals making regular calls between the two countries.
  • India: India is a cultural and economic partner of the USA, with many businesses and individuals making regular calls between the two countries.
  • The United Kingdom: UK has a long-standing relationship with the USA, and many Americans call the UK for business and personal reasons.

These are some of the most commonly called countries, but many other countries are also frequently called from the USA for various reasons. Find the best avenue for you and enjoy cheap and quality international calls.