How to get tutoring clients

Are you planning to start an online tutoring business but not sure about how to earn clients? Or have you tried out some promotion strategies to get new students but didn’t work out as you wanted them to be?

If you can find enough clients, online tutoring can become a lucrative source for a full-time career.

The hard part of running a tutoring business is finding learners. But once you get it right, your business will have smooth sailing.

In this blog, let’s discuss the best ways to get more students for your online tutoring business.

Effective ways to get new students

If you are into earning new tutoring clients, start by defining your target audience. In this way, you can tailor your services and marketing initiatives to serve your clients better.

With that said, let’s look into some of the efficient ways to get new students for your online tutoring business.

Show your value

If getting new tutoring clients consistently is your primary goal, you need to show people that you know your stuff.

Regardless of the subject, you are teaching, here are certain things you can do to show your value to your learners. 

  • Get a tutoring certificate.
  • Share client testimonials.
  • Share the results of your work.

Create an online tutoring website

Building and launching a professional online tutoring website will help you get students. Most educators do not have websites to help them promote their services.

Instead, they rely on word-of-mouth referrals to get new students, which makes it harder to find new clients.

While word of mouth is good, you must start an online website to appear legitimate to your target audience. If you wonder how to create an online tutoring website quickly and effortlessly, use online tutoring software instead of building it from scratch.

Choose a readymade script like Pinlearn, which clones online tutoring marketplaces that can host both live classes and self-paced online courses. 

No matter where you initially target learners, your goal must always be to bring your audience to your tutoring website and attempt to convert them into your loyal customers. 

Ask existing clients for referrals

Tapping your existing learner base is an easy and cost-efficient approach to bringing in new business. Your learners are living proof of the advantages your online tutoring service can offer.

As long as you help your learners improve their grades and perform better in exams, ask them to refer your services to their friends. Even if you are the best online tutor, you must work hard to promote your services if earning new clients is your goal.

Start a YouTube channel

If you have time to create exclusive videos to attract new clients, we recommend you to start a YouTube channel. Yes, YouTube marketing is a proven way to build a base of clients.

If you already have a couple of videos handy, it would be easy to start producing quality content. Here are some of the essentials you will need when starting a YouTube channel. 

  • A high-quality webcam and a microphone.
  • Video editing software to edit your videos. 
  • A decent artificial lighting.
  • Audio software .
  • A simple tripod.
  • A place and background to shoot your videos.

Promote yourself on Facebook groups

Social networks are great for local networking, especially for online tutors. No matter your location, find a few local-centric Facebook groups that most educators post in.

Join these Facebook groups and make an active contribution to promote your tutoring services and link to your tutoring site. 

Spamming the group with promotional messages isn’t recommended, though. Look for subject-specific groups so that people in these groups are much more likely to be interested in your tutoring service. 

Look into paid online advertising

Create a buyer persona to use it for paid online advertising through search engines like google or social networks like Facebook and Instagram. 

Creating ads might sound challenging if you have never been into online ads. But Google and Facebook ads have easy-to-follow instructions to help you create profitable and appealing advertisements.

Use the power of social media

Social platforms are a tutoring business’ best companion. Not only does it allows you to improve your exposure, but it also brings in tons of traffic without spending money.

When selecting which social profiles to invest your time in, consider your buyer persona and analyze which platforms your audience uses the most.

Stay active and frequently posting on popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is the key to visibility and social engagement.

Make sure you post information that is interesting, engaging, and informative to your target clients.

Ensure the tutoring website user friendly

One reason why many students leave the platform is the non-friendly nature of the platform. It might be confusing user navigation or difficulty in booking an online class;

if your website doesn’t make it easy for your students to book appointments and process payments, you might lose many of them. 

When creating content for your tutoring website, keep in mind what your potential clients are looking for. Position your tutoring business as a solution to the key challenges they face.

This helps your tutoring brand to be more relatable to your clients, and it happens when you are specific about your company’s goals and objectives.

Do not forget to add converting CTAs

Instead of directly calling you and booking appointments, allow your students to book a consultation, demo or call with you at their convenience. It is a great way to convert your potential website visitors to paying clients. 

Add booking links on all your social media profiles, posts, online directories, and wherever you promote yourself. Also, add a ‘book now” button on your online tutoring website, Instagram, Facebook and Google my business profiles. 

Offer demo classes

Give your potential clients an opportunity to experience how your class works. Use a demo class or free trial to build your learners’ confidence in you based on your knowledge and skills. 

A free trial gives the opportunity to make the first impression on your students and their parents. Put in hard work to make a great first impression and convert them to your clients. 


Getting learners for your online tutoring business is easy only if you invest a lot of effort and time, especially if you are starting from scratch. 

To make sure you can do all this, offer a personalized online tutoring experience to your clients and automate your manual process and admin work, starting with online class scheduling and payment processing on your websites.