How Many Laptops Stolen From Capitol

It’s no secret that crime rates have been on the rise in the nation’s capital. In recent months, we’ve seen a surge in laptop thefts from unsuspecting victims.

According to a recent report, there has been a 43% increase in laptop thefts in the Capitol as compared to last year. With summer around the corner, these numbers are only expected to rise. So what can you do to protect yourself and your belongings?

Here Are A Few Tips:

  1. Always keep your laptop close and within sight. If you can’t keep it on your person, make sure it’s in a well-secured and locked location.
  2. Avoid leaving your laptop unattended in public places like coffee shops, libraries, or airports.
  3. Keep your computer locked when you’re not using it, even if it’s just for a quick minute.           
  4. Invest in a tracking device like LoJack or absolutetelescope so you can find your laptop if it does happen to get stolen.
  5. Make sure you have backup copies of all important files and documents stored somewhere safe (like an external hard drive or cloud storage) in case worst comes to worst and your computer is nowhere to be found.


Laptop theft is becoming increasingly common in the Capitol Region. As the weather gets warmer and more people are out and about, criminals will take advantage of opportunities to steal laptops from unsuspecting victims.

By following the tips outlined above, you can help protect yourself and your belongings this summer season. Stay safe out there!