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How Long Does A Motherboard Last?

How Long Does A Motherboard Last

What are the main reasons For Motherboard Failure?

When it comes to the Motherboard, experts and PC builders create curiosity for finding the right product that stands perfect. Using an old motherboard may perform well, but it does not promise long-term performance.

We were also wondering about the answer to How Long A Motherboard Lasts. The facts that we researched are surprisingly impressive. You might also be in search of the right answer.

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Key points
  • The average lifespan of mid-range motherboards is 4-5 years.
  • The better price you pay, the more good experience you will get
  • Heat dissipation and moisture are two major reasons for motherboard malfunctioning

Longevity Of Motherboards

The lifespan of a motherboard depends on the task it performs and the software you are running on it. Moreover, it also depends on the way you treat your gaming machine.

Choosing a High-Grade Motherboard will not work effectively if you pick other components poorly. In case your motherboard fails, the simple option is to buy another one.

It might cost you some bucks, but a need is a need. You need to buy another one for running your gaming laptop or computer in the optimal position.

The Motherboards can long last more than 8-10 years which is a good option—changing a motherboard after enormous is not a big deal. We even found that some top-notch motherboards come to an end after 40 years of use. Yes, you heard, right!

Let’s talk about the motherboard in calculations. If you want to determine how long your motherboard works, then analyze the hours you spend on the computer and calculate an average.

The fact is simple. If you only use your motherboard for a couple of hours for Gaming And Video Editing, it will last longer than 24/7 use. Like humans, machines also need rest and maintenance.

Reasons Of Motherboard Failure

Heat dissipation is one of the biggest reasons for motherboard failure. It happens due to an inappropriate laptop or CPUs designs. On the other hand, those models face this issue who do not have proper cooling systems in their product.5 Common Mistakes That Will Damage or Ruin Your Motherboard                                                       Source:https://www.alltechbuzz.net/

The fact is computers generate massive amounts of heat no matter how good your laptop is. if the heat does not find any way to come out, it will start affecting components of computers and mainly hit motherboards first. So, always choose a laptop that has decent Cooling Systems.

Electronic Malfunctioning

Electronic failure is another reason for Motherboard Malfunctioning. Electricity just continuously passes through them, and they are unable to hold them. There are only a limited number of cycles in the motherboard to have electricity for a short period of time.

When they pass it frequently, they fail and stop working. The quality of a motherboard depends on the quality and number of Capacitors It Obtains. The fact is simple. You can not have the same expectations from the motherboard of $100 that you get from a motherboard of $500.

Physical Damages On It

It is entirely appropriate to say that external environments like dust, particles, and other things may potentially harm your motherboard performance.

The constant movement may cause dislodge components which will Impact Highly On Motherboards. On the other hand, if you did not mount fans correctly, their vibration may also create problems for you.

Excessive Moisture

Water And Other Moisture have the power to destroy motherboards instantly. Some products in the market claim to be water-resistant, but they aren’t.

Spilling water on your motherboard will immediately bring a short circuit. If you are building an i7 8700k, then always choose the best motherboards for i7 8700k because they prevent such moisture problems.

Steps To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Motherboard

There are some crucial steps that you can take for increasing the longevity of your costly motherboard. Check out the below information we gathered for you :

  • Try to avoid Overclocking your motherboard to its extreme performance. Mostly, professionals and gaming experts increase the frequency of components for achieving maximum performance. It overloads the motherboard to perform the task frequently at higher settings.
  • The best thing that you can give to your Computer Or Components is to clean them properly. There are many dust particles and other obstacles built on the components which slow the performance. Maintain a proper cleaning of your board and see the results. You can use air to clean dust particles and other things from the board.
  • On the other hand, try to choose the product that has better airflow. It will help your motherboard to stay in a cool position without compromising on the performance. You can mount fans near your motherboards and they will suck the air out for cooling purposes.


We hope that the content we shared will be informational for you. It would be best to avoid the reasons that we mentioned for you to use Your Motherboard For Long-Terms. The average lifespan ranges between $50 to $150 will work for 4-5 years.

The more price you pay, the better performance you will get. Keep in mind that you should choose every component of High-Quality if you want a supreme user experience. If any element is of low quality, you will face several problems that we shared with you.