Difference Between Vaporlax Draco & Vaporlax Bobo

The vaping companies are constantly running behind one another to be ranked in the first position. The biggest vaping brands are launching back-to-back vaping series.

So, are you a vape lover who wants to taste every vaping brand available? Here we bring good news for you because the recently vaping industry has launched a new disposable vaporlax vape!

This company has gained a high market demand and is constantly contributing to the industry by launching good disposable vapes.

In this article, we will discuss the recently launched products of Vaporlax draco & Bobo. If you have complained that your disposable is not long-lasting, then these 2 products will break all your misconceptions. Let’s check which is better Vaporlax Draco or Vaporlax Bobo!

A brief discussion on Vaporlax Draco & Vaporlax Bobo

  • Design & build quality: Vaporlax Draco is a huge disposable with 16 ml of prefilled e-juice. This disposable vape is loaded with the 50mg nicotine strength, airflow control feature & rechargeable in nature. Similarly, Vaporlax bobo disposable contains 14ml of e-juice. The larger diameter makes you more comfortable to hold. Like Draco, it is also rechargeable and contains 50mg of nicotine. The body of vaporlax Draco is made with plastic and textured in a diamond pattern that looks flashy and shiny. Similarly, BOBO is launched with a metal brushed finishing. 
Design & build quality
  • Flavors: Vaporlax Draco comes in 12 flavors, whereas BOBO disposable comes in 15. The disposable vape mostly comes in different fruity flavors or a combination of fruit & menthol. The most selling flavors of Draco are mixed berries, citrus lemonade, peach ice, mixed berries & Kiwi. Similarly, BOBO’s most demanding flavor options are watermelon Splash, Kiwi Blast, Sour Apple, and Crazy Berry.

How do both of these disposable vapes taste?

People have already started purchasing these disposable vapes and sharing their reviews. Both the disposable vapes are large and filled with tons of e-juice and deliver a smooth MTL draw.

You can balance the MTL draw by adjusting the airflow slider. Vaporlax BOBO offers 6000+ puffs while Vaporlax Draco delivers 6500+ puffs simultaneously!

If you are the one who is expecting to receive the smooth MTL draw at an economical price, choose this. What would you expect from a disposable vape at this price?

Both the disposable vape doesn’t hit your throat aggressively. Almost every flavor is smoother as compared to other vaping products of Vaporlax. 

If you are an ex-smoker and have been searching for the right vape for long years, your search ends! Both disposables have some remarkable features, and you would love this. 


So, which disposable vape would you like to buy from the Vaporlax brand? The company also produces other vaping products and is popular in the market.

Both the disposable vapes discussed above set a benchmark in the vaping industry.

The quality of e-juice is not the only reason behind its popularity. Many more significant features make this product the Best disposable vapes 2022

Make the right choice and visit online vaping stores to explore the newest or upcoming products of Vaporlax.