4 Benefits of Having Motion Graphic Animations

One type of explainer video that you can use is motion graphic animation. Let’s talk about the benefits of having animated motion graphics.

Did you know that it’s great for a business or industry to have an explainer video to increase conversions?

Yes. One type of explainer video that you can use is motion graphic animation. This animation is quite basic and easy. Almost any animator can do it.

What is Motion Graphic Animation?

The basic question when it comes to moving graphic animation is: “what exactly is it?”

Well, motion graphics are basically animated graphic designs.

It takes an otherwise static graphic design and gives it some movement. More often than not, it requires no special narrative.

Have you ever seen a swirling logo? It’s a moving image. Or a graph that goes up or down? It’s also motion graphics.

This popular type of animation has the unique ability to draw on the viewer’s primary sensory input (visual and audio) to evoke emotion, build more personal relationships, increase information retention, and increase understanding.

While motion pictures don’t really need voiceovers, they still need effective music and captions to convey messages that are easy to digest. Lots of moving images depicting text and icons to share information.

This makes it one of the most powerful storytelling tools for most brands.

How Motion Graphic Animations Help You

Motion graphics offer a simple but powerful way to communicate your brand message. It’s no surprise that this type of animation is quite versatile.

You can use it for commercials, product explanation videos, sales videos, title sequences for movies, and more.

Benefits of Motion Graphic Animations For Your Business

This time, let’s talk about the benefits of having motion graphic animations.

1. Motion Graphics Can Be Shared Easily

Motion graphics are inherently shareable, creating organic growth for any marketing campaign. In modern parlance, your animation can “go viral” entertainingly enough to be retweeted or shared on social media.

For example, if you need to explain something too dry and scientific, you can work with the amazing minds at Kurzgesagt to create something begging to be shared.

YouTube and Vimeo make embedding videos very easy. This means that content is only minutes away from appearing in someone’s social posts, or being linked to on other sites’ blogs.

2. Motion Graphics Increase Brand Awareness

In a 2020 survey of 500 different marketers, 93% of brands got new customers because of videos on social media. Since most of the world is online, it is very easy to put your product or brand in front of new customers every day.

However, many younger consumers don’t want to sift through information pages to find out what you have to offer and why it could be useful to them. That’s why this video is so effective. In just a few seconds (remember the attention span from before), you can explain who you are and what your brand can do for them.

Brand awareness is a difficult metric to crack, but it is very important for both new and existing companies. By putting your brand in front of customers in new and exciting ways, you show that you are an attractive company…even if you are not very new yourself.

3. Motion Graphics Make Messages Received Faster

Motion graphics communicate the Who and What of your company. There are no products on display, no characters do the work, but the information is easy to understand and digest.

It doesn’t hurt that the Ordinary Folk are some of the best in the business.

Effective video content not only introduces your brand, it can also help reduce buyer regret and post-sales issues.

A number of companies are now using video support channels to cover the most common calls from customers. The results are very encouraging. 43% of video marketers say video has reduced the number of support calls they receive.

4. Efficient and Cost-Efficient Motion Graphics

Each marketing campaign is measured against the return on investment. If you’re spending $10,000 on a new video, it needs to generate a solid ROI in terms of sales or brand awareness to look successful.

And what happens if you suddenly need to change the information in the content? It may be that the product is undergoing an emergency revision, or is no longer offered in some areas, or in some scenarios.

Going back to production inflates your costs and reduces the chances of breaking even on expenses.

Illustrator works in programs with highly modular capabilities. If you need to add new audio, or swap images, or even add a whole new animation, it’s a fairly simple process. As a result, you can make changes to your videos at any time, which is nearly impossible with live action.

Those are at least four benefits that you can feel if you have animated motion graphics to display on your website or social media.