Facts That You May Not Know About Ben Shapiro Debates

We all know that Ben Shapiro is a millionaire and a conservative American political commentator. Some conservative facts will force you to hate him because of his unethical comments on Islam’s religion by considering them, terrorists.

At this point, Ben Shapiro Networth and his political power do not matter because the comments he passed on several issues are inappropriate for thousands of people in the world.

The Myth of Tiny Radical Muslim Minority By Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro says that Islam is a violent religion which is entirely wrong. From his perspective, every second Muslim who follows Islam is an active terrorist.

Before his debate, even the former President of America speeches that “Islam teaches peace, Muslims the world over aspires to live with dignity and a sense of justice” his words are conveying the message that Islam is the name of peace and justice.

In contrast, Ben Shapiro, with the conservative mind, concluded his meanings and thoughts on it.

“His main objection on the religion Islam is that whether the Islam itself is a violent religion, its what its adherents believe because that is what they act upon,” he concluded these stupid lines as an Orthodox Jew by reading the Old testament.

There are approximately more than 1.6 billion Muslims in the world from 49 different countries, according to a survey of 2014. Of course, not all of them are terrorists.

He also said that hundreds of million Muslims living in the Palestinian areas support terror attacks which is nothing but a stupid calculation.

His main purpose of this political comment is to defend his own country against the attack of 9/11 without any objectivity. The way he talks about the Sharia in Islam is wrong.

The mindset he had for Muslims is wrong. Sharia is a part of the Muslim religion, which you can consider as a strict practice only.

Every country or religion follows religious rituals, whether Christians, Jews, Hindus, or whatever.

Ben Shapiro Destruction On Transgenderism

Once Ben Shapiro was in debate, a girl asked him several questions on life or being transgender.

A girl asked him that “how do you say that some people don’t have the privilege when he just said that transgender is not valid people, they are not a thing, they are just girls pretending to be boys or just boys pretending to be girls.”

He replied, “gender is not disconnected from sex, so it is not a cultural thing, and it is still far away from society. He says that you are not a man if you think you are a man and when I said that, I don’t mean pretending.

Ben likes to create conspiracy by talking with solid logic. A boy who thinks that he is a girl is a phraseology because it is technically impossible as far as a person has psychological issues. It can be either a gender disorder or any other medical situation.

”His point of reply was clear “you are not the sex to which you claim to be.”