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Why Are Cats So Cute? Check Out 9 Logical Reasons

Why Are Cats So Cute? Check Out 9 Logical Reasons

Why Are Cats So Cute? Check Out 9 Logical Reasons

Asking any person why cats are so cute, they will immediately reply with a valuable logic. However, they are cute by nature but not all of them. Some cats are rough and wild who never get friendly with every person. But, that is a rare case, cats show unique gestures of affection to their owners.

For example, chasing laser light and playing with them, There are several logics that will clear your mind about why cats are so cute.

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Key Points

  • 9 Logics reasons Why Cats Are So Cute
  • Other Cute Activities That Cats Do

They Prefer To Live Independently

The best thing about cats is that they are not a liability like dogs when it comes to care-taking. They empty their stomachs where they are supposed to do and take sleep whenever they get bored. In fact, they eat when they feel hungry. They will also come to you with affection and love instead of hungry faces and boring gestures.

They Are Moody

Source: https://pets.webmd.com/

Cats do not prefer to do something that they are instructed to. They have certain moods to play which can swing anytime if you don’t give them attention. In simple words, you can not play with them whenever you want, they are not as obedient as dogs. That gives us the relevancy same like humans.

For example if you are working in your office and suddenly someone comes and starts playing games with you. How would you feel? You will be deadly annoyed. Then how do you think to disturb that little creature?

They Express Feelings Of Pleasure And Displeasure

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Like we said before, cats are straightforward. If the stuff you provide to your cat does not give her/him enough comfort, he/she will give you certain signals about the displeasure. They will start meowing loudly and will scratch whatever they have close to them.

You Can Keep Them Busy For Hours

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The best thing about these little creatures is that they do not require much luxuries. You can keep them busy by doing several things. An iPad is an ideal thing to keep them engaged on screen. We also did not believe this fact until we experimented with it. There are many YouTube videos of Cat doodling with their paws using different colors.

Cats Are Good At Manipulating

Source: https://www.iams.com/

If you are habitual to your cat then you may know this fact that their meows are different for a specific activity. No matter they want food, or entertainment, they will meow differently for each activity.

A low voice and slow meow mean that they want you to play with them. On the other hand, the large meow signals “get the hell out of here”.

They Love To Be Taken Care Of

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Cats are independent but that does not mean they don’t deserve love. In fact, they love to be carried like a little baby. You can use cat necklaces for giving them a fancy look. It will maximize their comfort with you.

They Own You

Source: https://icc.govt.nz/

We all know that they are super cute. We think that we gave them a corner spot in our house and own them. That is totally wrong, cats pick their spot by themselves that they love in the house.

According to experts, don’t consider it as a sign of affection when they start rubbing against your love. It means that they are indicating you and other living organisms that they own you.

They Have A Mindset Of Keeping Themselves Always Clean

Source: https://theconversation.com/

It is not a big surprise that cats lick their paws after sitting at their spot. They self-clean their paws by licking it. In this way, you don’t need to use expensive shampoos for their cleaning, unless you’re satisfied with their self-cleaning. They also lick their paws to indicate you “ take your hands off me”

Cats Are Curious About Everything

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If you are a cat owner then you may know this fact, whenever you bring something from the grocery store. The first creature who lands on bags is cats. They will try to open the bag with their paws and sniff it until they are satisfied.

Other Cute Activities That Cats Do

  • They will paw the fish inside the bowls for playing or sometimes for irritating them
  • They chase their own tails in a circular motion
  • If you take your cat to a new place, he/she will inspect every corner of the place until he/she gets satisfied.
  • Cats observe the place where you sit the most and will make it their forever spot as they own it. Isn’t it interesting?