What Will Happen If We CLEAR TPM

TPM stands forTrusted Platform Module It is hardware-based security measuring chip that contains all of the essential details of its owner. It intrigues the system before allowing it to boot up. In case if we clear TPM, our system data will be completely erased because its data storage chip has been reset!

How TPM Works In Devices?

How TPM works in devices?
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It is a computer security system that stores a user’s complete information. These informative data may have all the credentials, biometrics, smart cards, passwords, emails, encrypted keys, certificates, and all these types of sensitive details.

The primary purpose of this system is to increase and secure user privacy against malware attacks. This practice is done by verifying.

For example, if you have a face lock password over your device, then tpm will unlock your device only when it verifies you. No one can change and do anything with the stuff you’ve secured because of TPM.

What If You Delete TPM?

all of your data might be lost! This is because TPM is a chip that STORES the cryptographic module (the set of hardware and software security function), which have access to the owner only.

So if the owner wants to reset the data, it will happen! Your data will be lost. That’s why you must have a backup or recovery plan also. Stick with us to know the details!

Is It Safe To Erase TPM?

Is It Safe To Erase TPM?
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It depends upon the situation. Removing TPM means removing all of your informative and sensitive DATA with just one click. Which probably only some people want under usual circumstances.

But In the case of selling your device, You have to clear all of that data because if you don’t, you are openly giving your credentials to the other person.

You may lose all of your created keys by this action. That’s why it isn’t safe enough in general situations. There must be a backup plan through which you will recover your lost data.

What If You Don’t Delete TPM Before Selling The Laptop?

We’ve got that it is a chip storing all of your informative data. So, If you don’t delete TPM even before selling your device, then all your data will be easily accessible!

And you will share all of your credentials with the other person. That’s why deleting TPM is necessary to delete so your privacy and data will not be publicly available to someone else.

Removing all of your TPM needs BIOS settings. You should know it so you can remove your tpm safely according to your BIO setting.

What Is BIOS, And How To Clear TPM In BIOS?

BIOS is basically the mediator between the Devices and the Microprocessor that allows them to start working as soon as you press the boot-up button of your device.

First of all, it analyze the working of all the devices in your computer like CPU, Monitor, and so on, Then it allows the Microprocessor to start the computer properly.

Now clearing TPM varies from computer to computer. To provide you a complete guide, we are going to share how to reset TMP in different BIOS like windows 10, 11 and some laptops like HP & Dell.

Clear TPM From WINDOWS 11

Here We’ll Discuss Clearing Of Tpm From The Pc Having Windows11.

  1. The First And Foremost Step Is To Open The Windows Security Panel From Settings.
  2. Select The Device Security Option From Here.
Clear TPM From WINDOWS 11
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Now The Security Processor Details Will Appear.

  1. Tap Security Process
  2. Then You’ve To Click Troubleshooting
  3. Select Clear Tpm
  4. Restart Your Pc, And Here You Go!

 Another Brief And Simple Method Is To

  1. Open The Tpm Msc Panel By Simply Searching It From Settings.
  2. Now Click Tpm.Msc>Action>Clear Tpm.

And Wala! The Tpm Will Be Completely Removed From The Device Having Windows11.

Removing TPM From Windows 10

TPM deleting from Windows 10 seems to be really challenging task. But here we are, explaining the solution to this trouble in just a few steps.

  1. Go to the settings and click on WINDOWS SECURITY.
  3. You will lead to a Security processor.
  4. Here, tap over the CLEAR TPM option.

A HELLO WINDOW will appear then. After all the confirmations, tap to START.

HERE YOU GO! Your TPM will be removed entirely from your device having Windows 10.

How To Clear TPM In The BIOS Of HP Devices?

Every desktop has its specific version.

That’s why there are different ways for every version. but don’t worry, settings will remains ALMOST the same in all HP devices!

But here we are going to share the ways in HP proDesk 600G1,

Following the given points, you’ll finally eliminate TPM in your PC.

  1.  First of all, type tpm. msc after opening the security panel from settings.
  2. A panel will be open
  3. Check on BIT-LOCKER
  4. RESTART your PC
  5. In the end, you’ve to press ESC and F10 at the same time
  6. Fill in the startup menu

 And here we go! All of the data stored in TPM will be clear.

Check How To Wipe TPM From DELL DESKTOP

There are some specifications if you want to check, edit or remove TPM if you’re a DELL user.

Check how to Wipe TPM from DELL DESKTOP
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The first thing is Your windows must be 64 bits. Then the second thing is, You must turn on UEFI from LEGACY. 

After All, That Stuff, Follow The Given Below Points:

  1. Open the DEVICE MANAGER first.
  2. Press WINDOWS KEY and R key to open a new panel.
  3. Then type TPM.MSC over here in a bar and press OK
  4. Check the status now. After observing the current situation
  5. Click the Windows key, then press the POWER SHELL
  6. After that, click over the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
  7. Type <<disable-tpmautoprovisioning>> and press enter
  8. Again click the window+R key and type tpm. msc
  9. A panel at the upper right bottom will appear.

Now press CLEAR TPM, and your TPM will be removed from here!

Now you can download the drivers and select a suitable security category having 64bits by going to the official online store of DELL.

NOTE: There are several keys to press only while restarting your PC, but these keys vary from PC to PC, Version to version, and windows to windows.

Does ErasingTPM Reset The Computer?

No! Removing TPM will remove your credentials saved in BIOS, not the applications. All that stuff you’ve installed or already installed on your PC will not be affected. You will lose only the authorization to these apps.

Will Clearing TPM Remove WINDOWS Also?

No, Resetting TPM will not cause anything to your device except for the DATA LOSS. You will re-initialize your windows again. So, if you are searching for a resetting window and want to lose all the encrypted keys, then there will be no issue with deleting the TPM from your device.


Now we get that resetting the TPM will result in clearing the data completely because the system is made that way to secure your credentials in case your want to erase them with ease or you are going to sell your laptop!

P.S: There must be a BACKUP/RECOVERY PLAN to restore your data, so when your are going to clear tpm so at least you have some data saved in case you want to access it again!

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