What is Boveda

Humidors are used to keep our cigars safe and fresh for a long time. You must know about the humidifier if you are from a cigar community. The humidifier in the humidor helps to keep your cigars fully maintained with significant humidity.

In this article, we will discuss Boveda in humidors, its safety, and its benefits. So, if you want to know, scroll down and read this complete article. Let’s get started to discuss;

Different types of humidors are available in the market with two maintenance levels. The first maintenance is before placing Boveda, and the other is after placing Boveda. 

What is Boveda?


Boveda is moisture adding and controlling in the humidor that keeps your cigars safe and fresh for a long time. You don’t need to worry about your cigars after placing Boveda in it.

You can use more than one Boveda at a single time in big size humidor to reduce the focus from maintenance for a long time.

Boveda can keep your humidor and cigars stay longer than 2 to 3 months, depending on your humidor quality. 

Can Boveda change the taste of cigars?

Some people also think that Boveda can change the taste and smell of your cigars in the humidor. That’s an entirely wrong concept. Boveda is made of salt and purified water, providing direct moisture with a great seal. It will not affect your cigar taste but help increase its aroma. 

If the cigars touch with Boveda, there will be no effect on its taste.

How to use Boveda in humidor?

Using a Boveda in a humidor is entirely safe and not difficult as it sounds. If you have a humidor and want to attach it with Boveda, then you need to follow these simple steps;

  • Open the lid of humidor. 
  • Clear it properly.
  • Put the Boveda on the cigars. 
  • Close the lid. 

Boveda will start working immediately and adjust the humidity level as it needs. The results of placing Boveda will show after 24 hours. 

Is it safe to use Boveda on cigars?


Using Boveda is entirely reliable to use as it keeps your cigar fresh for months with exact taste and attractive smell. Also, Boveda is approved by FDA and health scientists.

Boveda is now used almost everywhere as natural substances make it.

You should need to change Boveda after two months for extraordinary care and results. 

Security tips

  • Dry Boveda can be complicated and tasteless, so you should replace it exactly when the Boveda becomes hard and dry. 
  • If your Boveda is getting hard soon, you need to inspect your humidor. It might be possible that it would not need extra moisture. 
  • The extra amount of Boveda can cause air leakage. An additional amount is only required on dry areas. 

The Bottom Line

 That’s all about the discussion of today’s article. I hope you learned from this and am happy to find this article helpful. Through this article, we try to share valid information about Boveda and the way to put it in the humidor.

For cigar lovers, Boveda is a great thing. If you have a big humidor, you can place more than one Boveda at once; otherwise, a small above would be enough. We also discussed its benefits and circumstances that will surely help you while maintaining your humidors.

Moreover, we also tell you some safety benefits and tips that you need to know about. So, why are you standing here? Go and convert your humidor into a Boveda Acrylic Humidor and make your cigars fresher. 

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