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What Does Overclocking RAM Do?

What Does Overclocking RAM Do?

Overclocking a ram results in several benefits, but the major one is higher memory speeds. Choosing the Best RAM for i7 9700k means that you are going to experience a lot of benefits to improve your gaming skills.

It is true that you can overclock your RAM like GPU or CPU as its speed is measured in MHz. In this way, you can ensure fast speed to play high-end games. But, there is a disadvantage to doing it. It reduces the stability of security, performance, and even the processor’s life because you are putting more pressure on it than recommended.

Sit tight, and read some facts about overclocking a RAM that may help you to determine whether you should do it or not.


How does It work?

As we said before, RAM stores the data used by the processor. Higher-speed RAMs process the data faster and improve the performance of the machine. The performance of RAM mainly depends on the frequency rates. In the case of timing, the lower the timing is, the better performance it will provide.

Is It Safe To Overclock RAM?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Overclocking a RAM is not a major issue. While overclocking, you only need to think about the cooling performance and heat dissipation. The fact is overclocking of GPU and CPU produces more sound than running on custom settings.

But, the scenario in memory overclocking is different. If you want to overclock ram in a gaming laptop or any laptop, make sure that you have reset the BIOS to default settings.

How To Overclock RAM?

There are two ways to overclock your RAM, one is automatic, and the other is manual. The manual overclocking method is an advanced method used by professionals. This method needs a couple of hours to figure things out.

The most challenging thing in overclocking is to determine what speed and timing you should use. There are several calculators that you can use to measure the overclocking speed. We will recommend you to use Ryzen Dram Calculator.

In advanced manual overclocking, professionals precisely adjust the BIOS’s memory timings to find the perfect combination for faster results.

Moreover, it also includes testing several things until a person achieves an ideal balance with exact timing. Please note that this method is only for professionals, and it will consume a couple of hours. A slight miscalculation will lead you to several problems.

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