Top YouTubers at the start of 2011 — and find where they are now!

TikTok stars are the talk of the town, but  YouTube has significantly developed in the most recent decade, transforming into a spot where top YouTubers can procure cash, dispatch their professions, and become entertainment and viral stars.

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Nowadays, PewDie Pie, HolaSoy German. Whinderssonnunes, Dude perfect are ruling over the YouTube, but a few years back, we had some other names like NigaHiga, Smosh and Fred, etc. who were ruling over the hearts of people.

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What are they doing nowadays?

These are few questions, in the minds of those YouTubers fans. Here are the ten most popular old YouTubers you forgot about, and what those stars are up to now:

10. Michael Buckley

He has been on YouTube since the mid-year of 2006! He was known for “What the Buck Show.” The show was one of the most well-known communications at the beginning of YouTube. It used to share the news about pop culture, and superstars.

He was the first to request that individuals ‘Like! Remark! Buy in!” His net worth is $63 Million at the age of 44 years old.

In his new life:

He is a life Coach. He is now a bestselling children’s author. His works include Sisters Grimm and NERDS book series

michael buckley net worth

However, he loves making content. He is extremely dynamic on Instagram Story. He says that he thought to cover up or erase this channel as it is unquestionably obsolete, and numerous old “jokes” were supremacist, chauvinist, homophobic, to the detriment of someone’s appearance yet it was another time.

Indeed, even now, he conveys a touch of his What the Buck persona in him! And he is one of the top youtubers of the world.

9. Venetian Princess

Jodie-Amy Rivera, referred to expertly as Venetian Princess, is an American YouTube Internet character, vocalist, and entertainer. Her YouTube recordings are generally parodies of tunes and occasions in mainstream society. Some hits are “I Kissed a Girl – Elderly Remix.” And “7 Things (Guys Don’t Have to Do)”

Between the long stretches of 2009 and 2012, she was the most known female YouTuber on the planet. She additionally has a subsequent channel called VP Vlogs.

Her YouTube recordings have more than 380,000,000 perspectives. Her net worth is $4.5 million at the age of 35 years.

Where they are now: 

Rivera’s notable parodies ended in 2014, but she came back with new vlogs of her day-to-day routine and serious song covers.

Now she is a mother to a daughter, whom pictures she posts on her Instagram.

venetian princess youtube account

8. Dave Days

AKA: Dave Colditz

Dave Days is a free artist and performer from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started his YouTube in 2008, where he immediately got one of the most mainstream channels on YouTube after posting his life online through music and video.

Dave got his first acoustic guitar when he was only five years of age. In the wake of playing in groups and recording neighborhood groups around the West Chester, PA region all through center school and secondary school, he started concentrating on building his YouTube channel. Utilizing his music and video creation information and charming character, He fabricated his channel to 1.5 million supporters, with more than 370 million perspectives. His social stages inside and outreach more than 2 million individuals.

 dave days youtube star subscribers

Where they are now:

It appears Colditz has kept on pursuing his autonomous music vocation, transferring spreads and satires discontinuously to his top YouTube channel and onto music spilling administrations in the last couple of years. Colditz additionally has a free online class, called Musician. Life, where he shows wannabe specialists how to get productive in the music business

7. KevJumba

AKA: Kevin Wu

Kevin Wu is an American blog, activist, and humanitarian who was most famous for being an early top YouTubers, comic, and entertainer known by his YouTube username of KevJumba

kevjumba youtube channel now

Where they are now: 

Wu strangely vanished from YouTube in 2013 to come back to school and reconnect with Buddhism. He also faced a fatal car crash in 2015. He reactivated his YouTube direct in 2017 under new marking as just “Kev.”

But, Wu hasn’t posted anything on YouTube or Instagram since March 2017, and his Twitter handle seems that all his accounts got suspended. Wu has kept up an increasingly private life from that point forward and is “taking a shot at” himself.

6. Ray William Johnson

Even though he just launched his channel in 2009, Ray William Johnson turned out too well known fiercely in under a year on account of his YouTube arrangement called “Equals Three.” Johnson pioneered YouTube’s famous “react” video format, in which he would offer commentary on viral recordings.

ray william johnson 2019

Where they are present:

Johnson quit creating “Equals Three” and other well-known series in 2015, which prompted his popularity to drop. He kept on utilizing his top YouTube channel to video blog through 2018, and transferred some music with the name “Fat Damon.” However, Johnson moved over to Facebook and Instagram, where he transfers recordings of sketch parody and rousing messages.

5. Sxe Phil

Philip DeFranco is a famous American Youtube personality and News Commentator and one of the famous female YouTuber form the list of top Youtubers of decade. His net worth is 6 million. He has 2.72 billion views and 6.40 million Subscribers (Philip DeFranco).

Where they are present:

DeFranco’s prevalence on YouTube has just ascended in the previous decade, presently passing by Philip DeFranco rather than “sxephil.” He has extended his work into an out and out news network, including YouTube news arrangement SourceFed and sites Rogue Rocket.

 SxePhil videos clips

 DeFranco is currently married to previous vlogger LinzLoves and has two small kids.

4. ShaneDawsonTV

Dawson’s initial work contained short comedy shows in which he would wear accents and wigs to play various characters. However, a significant number of these characters — with names like “Barb the Lesbian” and “Shanaynay” (alluded to as a “ghetto girl”), and criminal S-Deezy — were seen as risky, and were condemned for drawing on offensive stereotypes about ethnic minorities and other minority gatherings.

shane dawson before youtube
Source : (

Where they are currently:

Dawson’s YouTube nearness has developed and changed throughout the decade, and he hasn’t posted on his Shane Dawson TV channel in more than three years.

On his channel, titled “Shane,” Dawson has moved to make multi-part narrative arrangement examining paranoid fears and the lives of top YouTubers, including TanaMongeau, Jake Paul, and Eugenia Cooney. He is the famous YouTuber from the list of top YouTubers of decade.

Dawson additionally turned out as a bisexual in 2015 and got married to a YouTuber Ryland Adams in 2019.

3. Smosh

Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla

The parody team all in all known as “Smosh” were behind probably the most famous and viral satire dramas circled on YouTube in the stage’s initial days. They lies in the third rank in the list of top YouTubers of decade.

Where they are present:

Smosh has since extended past its two unique makers to highlight a group of regular cast individuals that makes and shows up in comedic content for Smosh and its various side-project channels. One of the Smosh authors, Anthony Padilla, left the channel in June 2017.

smosh youtube members

The Smosh brand was gained in mid-2019 by Mythical entertainment an organization claimed by YouTuber couple Rhett and Link.


Lucas Alan Cruikshank is an American entertainer and YouTube character and one of the second top YouTubers of decade. He made the character Fred Figglehorn, a six-year-old boy, and related Fred and his life stories and day-to-day activities for his channel on the video-sharing site YouTube in late 2005.

Where they are now: 

Cruikshank has stopped making videos starring Fred in 2014, and hasn’t posted to that YouTube channel since 2015.

fred youtube channel

However, Cruikshank is still active as a YouTuber, but now he stars himself in vlogs and comedy on his channel, “Lucas.” 

1. NigaHiga

Ryan Higa, also known as NigaHiga, is an American entertainer, YouTuber, and on-screen character. He is known for his parody recordings on YouTube and one of the top YouTubers of decade. Higa’s YouTube channel, NigaHiga, was the most bought in a chain on top YouTube for 677 continuous days from 2009–2011, the second-longest range of time behind PewDiePie

His Net Worth is $8.5 million

Where they are present:

Higa still fills in as a YouTuber, creating satire productions and farces on his unique NigaHiga channel and his subsequent channel, HigaTV. Higa additionally propelled a week by week webcast in 2018 called “Off the Pill,” which has included renowned YouTubers, K-pop stars, and presidential competitor Andrew Yang.

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