Top tips to choose the perfect laptop for a student

Which laptop is better, how much does a good computer cost and in what cases is it worth overpaying for parameters, and where are just marketing tricks.

We will select and tell you what laptop parameters are optimal and what is important for comfortable work.

Don’t overpay for options. Read the article and you will be able to choose the best laptop in 2023 for yourself at the lowest price for study.

How to choose a laptop

Choosing a laptop should start with a description of your requirements for it. Based on the requirements, the parameters should be selected.

As a rule, a gaming laptop or a laptop for serious work in Photoshop is significantly different in power from a laptop for office work or home viewing of video and Word files.

Also, the price is several times different. In some situations, having a good computer is very important. For example, when writing important papers for admission. Sometimes you can use nursing resume writing services.

It is important to buy a laptop that is optimal in terms of parameters so as not to overpay for unnecessary amounts of memory, processor frequency and discrete graphics cards if you simply do not use it.

Also, its reliability depends on the filling and company of the laptop. Powerful laptops heat up more and get repaired more often.

Laptop selection and price:

It is conditionally possible to divide prices for laptops into 3 levels:

  • up to 300 dollars
  • $300 to $700
  • from 700 to 5 thousand dollars and above

The price depends on the manufacturer, components and materials used. Usually the higher the price, the better the performance will be, but not always.

An ultrabook laptop with a thin aluminum body and a 13-14-inch display can cost $300 more than an ultrabook laptop with a 15.6-inch display and a plastic case.

In this case, there is simply an overpayment for the image and appearance, and this does not affect the work.

Recommendations when choosing a laptop:

We recommend stopping at models in the middle price segment. If you do not know exactly what kind of computer you need and do not play complex games, then it would be optimal to choose a model from 300 to 700 dollars.

In this case, you will get optimal performance and do not overpay for the bells and whistles you do not need. Instead save money for study materials or study services like this one:

Choosing a laptop for home or school

Modern schoolchildren and students need a computer not only for games, but also for study.

In some cases, you will have to take it to classes, so you won’t be able to get by with a desktop computer – you need a laptop. Typically, laptops for study are inexpensive and not very powerful models, which, nevertheless, are enough to perform typical tasks.

But how not to make a mistake with the choice and not to take a device that is too weak – and not to overpay for unnecessary functions?

Laptop owners most often complain about, studied the needs of modern students and used personal experience in testing and selecting laptops for various tasks.

The most parameters important for a study laptop

If you need to write a couple of phrases, any gadget is enough, but for full-fledged work on an abstract, project or code, it is better to use a laptop.

1 – Ergonomics. A study laptop does not need to be able to open 180 degrees or open with one hand. However, it should be comfortable to use, especially the keyboard and touchpad if you’re using that instead of a mouse. It’s important for typing and writing essay papers. If you lack time – use cheap paper writing services.

2 – Autonomy. Well, if the selected laptop lasts in the mode you need 4-5 hours. Many laptops have claimed battery life of 8-10 hours or more, but it is important to understand that when connected to the Internet or watching a movie, the battery will run out faster.

3 – Screen. The optimal diagonal for a study laptop is 13-15 inches. If you take the smaller option, you save quite a bit in weight and size, but the keyboard will not be as comfortable, and the text on the screen will be harder to see. Laptops with 17-inch screens are more useful as a replacement for a desktop PC at home: they do not fit into standard backpacks and are heavy for constant wear.

4 – CPU. A study laptop doesn’t need amazing performance, but it doesn’t need constant lag either.

5 – Video card. For study, a video card built into the processor is quite enough, and you can ignore this parameter. The sense in a separate – discrete – appears with high requirements for performance and image quality, but good laptops with a discrete graphics card are more expensive than the budget.

6 – RAM. Even for simple text printing, you need at least 4 GB of RAM, and preferably 8. Then the laptop will not slow down when performing basic tasks and watching videos.

Laptop accessories

When buying a new laptop, it is not superfluous to immediately purchase a wireless mouse, a laptop bag, wireless headphones, a cooling pad, and for students it is especially important to buy an MFP to print and scan at any time.