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Tom Segura is an American comedian who is well-known for his stand-up career. He comes in many TV shows and night talks, which takes his career up in the sky. Before mentioning his net worth, there are some other factors about his life that you may want to know. Today, we will discuss the biography of your favorite comedian, who is an actor, also.

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  • Tom Segura Career And Net Worth
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Tom Segura Net Worth & Biography

 Tom Segura was born on April 16, 1979, in Ohio, the USA. He completed his graduation from Lenior-Rhyne University. From his childhood, Tom always wanted to become a comedian for the entertainment audience. Moreover, he was also fond of acting.

The father of Tom was from the heritage of Spanish and French. His father took part in Vietnam. According to research, the father of tom was diagnosed that he takes drugs. His father even fell into the short coma after overdosing on drugs.

Tom starts gaining fame after completing his special Netflix stories. He also appears in TV shows such as How To Be A Grown-Up and Late Late Show, even that he was a regular guest in some famous podcasts of comedy.


 Tom hosted a podcast with his wife in 2011, which becomes worldwide famous, which results in thousands of downloads on iTunes. After getting successful results from the podcast, they decided to sign a deal in 2018. In this deal, they hosted and produced live series known as Loosely.

Tom also come live on the satellite radio and earn a lot of respect from the streaming platforms. Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer decided to act the drive-in experience in this corona pandemic situation by traveling across the country.

Their reason was to bring a smile and laughter to their live audience. According to research, we concluded that now he is teaming up with someone for hosting a podcast, “ 2 Bears,1 Cave.”

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His most famous Netflix series were Disgraceful in 2018, Mostly Stories in 2016, and Completely Normal in 2014. He is a talented person who has the best storytelling abilities. Tom Segura also won the award for the podcast “ Your Mom’s House” in 2012, which he completed along with his wife.

Net Worth

 The net worth of Tom Segura is combined with his wife which is approximately $12 million. He also has an impressive real estate network. In 2016, Tom bought a $1.6 million home in Woodland Hills in California with his wife. Tom has an estimated salary of $45K per year.

According to the latest research, they have purchased a large home worth $6.65 million in the Pacific Palisades. Tom also has a strong amount of audience on social media platforms such as 1.2 million on Instagram, 650K followers on Twitter, and 400k followers on Facebook. Moreover, he also has an official website named “”

Tom Segura Clashes With Wrestling Fans

 Comedians are always in search of pushing buttons. Sometimes they get the exact topic they want. This time he aimed at the fans of Professional Wrestling. In his famous podcast of Mom’s House, he criticized the people who love wrestling.

In his podcast, he used some offensive words for those fans who love wrestling. After that, he received a lot of backlashes. Tom talked not only messy about the wrestling fans but also aimed many offensive comments on the wrestling.

His Personal Life

Tom Segura married Christina Pazsitzky in 2008. Both of them have two children. His wife is also a Canadian stand-up comedian. Christina completed her graduation from the University of Sans Fransisco in 1999 and her master’s degree from Oxford University.

Body Measurement & Other Information

 Height: 6.1 feet

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Body Weight: 80 kg

Age: 41 years

Nationality: American

Lucky Stone: Diamond

Lucky Number: 10

Favorite Colour: Red

Filming Career Of  Tom Segura

 Tom also earned a lot of respect and money from the filming career. He acted in various roles in the film because of his flawless transition. We all know that the film plays very well, and he was the one who deserved to be highly paid.

One of the best projects he has ever done is “Instant Family,” in which he played the role of Russ’s character. Other feature films are Countdown, which is a horror film, and “Frank Advice.”

The Wife Of Tom Segura

 The name of his wife is Christina Pazsitzky, who is also a TV personality and a Canadian comedian. Her family escaped hungry in 1969 and settled down in Toronto, Canada. She started her career as a writer for Chelsea Lately. Moreover, she was also a commentator on pop culture down shows.

source: scintillatingstar

Christina was fond of animation, and she even worked as an animated voice character for DIC entertainment. Christina also worked as an animation writer in many feature films. The first stand-up comedy performance of Christina was in 2001 in Los Angeles.

As we mentioned above, she also made a successful podcast of the world known as “ Your Mom’s House.” The name of her son is Ellis. Tom and Christina also have a dog named “Theo Huxtable.”

Factors Behind His Success

There are many factors that come behind his success. He was so much passionate about being a comedian from his childhood. Moreover, his talent for storytelling clears many hurdles his way. But that is not enough.

He contributes 13 years to the industry and struggles a lot to make his reputation among celebrities. On the other hand, his fluency in English and Spanish also favors a lot on his side. Once in his interview, he said that he struggles a lot to make a successful broadcast.

Tom Segura mentioned his wife many times as the reason behind his success. She supports him a lot, which is why their overall net worth is more than $12 million. Tom Segura boosted their career by filming and working in Netflix special series.

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