Tips For Keeping Student Closet Organized

Every student can relate to having a messy room. You have too much on your plate already with your studies, so cleaning your closet might not be a priority.

Keeping your room and closet tidy is not as hard as it may seem. It significantly helps you out with feeling less overwhelmed and boosts your productivity. 

The first time you start managing your closet can take some time. Dedicate it a day or two, buy essay online and leave your homework to professionals.

Then you can plan your cleanup. Later, it will be much easier to keep your closet organized than clean everything from scratch. Here are some practical tips for you to consider. 

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Start With Decluttering 

Decluttering is the first step in organizing your space. It is better to go through everything you have. It includes clothing, accessories, and other things you own. Decide what you want to keep and what to give away.

You are killing two birds with one stone here. You free your space from clutter and let go of items not serving their purpose. Donate your things to charities or thrift stores so they can find a new owner. This way, you feel even more fulfillment in the organization process. 

Keep It Simple

Many people hate minimalism because it has to style or character. Yet, when you are living in a dorm, you might want to minimize the things that you bring from home.

You don’t need dozens of jeans when you are wearing only one pair. The same goes for other clothing and accessories that can overwhelm you when moving in or out. 

If you want to stay organized and avoid feeling stressed out, keep it as simple as possible when moving into your new room. Take things that you need and will use.

You don’t need your collection of books from home that you are not reading at the moment. It may have some sentimental value, but consider the comfort and space you have. 

Clean Your Closet 

Even if you maintain some cleaning routine, you can miss a spot or two when the closet is full of items. After taking everything out, clean your closet thoroughly before putting everything back.

Go everywhere you can and cannot reach to get rid of spider webs or dust. In addition, you can buy scented countertop spray or perfumed tissue paper to keep it fresh and smelling good.

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Plan Out What Goes Where

It is essential to map out how you want to divide the space in your closet. After all, staying organized requires some logic put into it.

You don’t have to follow conventional advice from the internet but put your ideas into how to make the most of your closet. When you know where your shirts and accessories are, you won’t waste time looking for them in the morning. 

Store Your Clothing By Categories

It is one of the most functional solutions for your closet. Divide everything by categories, so you will always know how to manage your space. Avoid creating more chaos by sorting things randomly.

Use Vertical Spaces And Storage Bins

You can add bins, hangers, and other organization items that help to deal with your clothing. You can easily transform a wall into a stylish space for your accessories and clothes. Consider looking for an over-the-door shoe or towel racks, hanging baskets, and other organization items.

Take Some Things Out

If you have a small closet, you should take advantage of bins and drawers and place them in your room to save up some space. Use most of your desk and bedtable space and store there your notebooks and other things.

As well, a rolling clothing rack can be a perfect solution for your jackets and other clothing you are wearing daily and don’t want to hide away.

Remember, you don’t need to buy expensive furniture. Many storage organizers can be found almost in every big market or specialty store. You can also make use of thrifting or exchanging items with students moving out from dorms. 

Take Advantage Of Multi-functional Furniture

If you don’t have the luxury of a spacious closet, you can easily solve this problem with multi-functional furniture. You can find good deals in thrift stores and local groups that give discounts on good furniture.

Multi-functional furniture is a real lifesaver for students who want to make the most of their room. Consider these things when looking for new furniture for your room:

  1. Table with hidden compartment. 
  2. Storage ottomans. 
  3. Bean bags.

Manage Your Seasonal Clothing

Your winter jackets and shoes can take up a lot of space. The best way to clear some space and save your seasonal clothing is to store it in bins or special vacuum packages.

Choose a higher shelf or top of your closet to keep them safe and free your storage for other clothing. At the same time, revise what is essential and donate things you are not wearing anymore.

Think About Storage Techniques 

You heard of Marie Kondo and her innovative method of tidying. Use her advice of folding clothing that takes less space and makes it easier to find everything you need.

Marie Kondo’s technique benefits you because it is easy to follow, it saves you a ton of space, and it doesn’t require any additional items.

Store only essentials in your closet 

Don’t try to store everything you have in your closet. Utilize the bathroom spaces and kitchen, and avoid bringing everything you have to your room. Make an agreement with your roommates about what belongs to whom to avoid any confusion. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping your closet organized can be tough when you don’t have enough space or time to care for it. Yet, you always have plenty of cheap options to make your room more comfy and organized. The best way to keep everything neat and clean is: 

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Get rid of clothes and accessories you don’t need.
  3. Utilize the free space you have.
  4. Use multi-functional furniture.
  5. Don’t store everything in your closet.