Photographer tips for the best pre-wedding photoshoot

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If you are a good photographer and make money at it, one day you will be asked to do a pre-wedding photo shoot. This is a very popular genre right now. It’s less stressful for the photographer than the wedding photo shoot, but it’s still quite challenging. Here it is important not only to take good shots but also to process them correctly.

So what is a pre-wedding photo session?

It can be an engagement photoshoot. But more and more often, such photos capture a proposal. A pre-wedding photo session is an opportunity for a couple to get incredibly candid, romantic photos.

Not knowing how to shoot couples can lead to awkward photo sessions. But if you do the right preparations, you can help the photo shoot go smoothly. The pre-wedding photos you take can be just as special as the wedding photos. So if you are worried about your upcoming photo shoot, read on. We have some good ideas for you.

Write a list of possible frames and make a plan

This shows your thoroughness and professionalism. Make a checklist of shots during your meeting with the couple. That way, you’ll all know what to expect. This list will help you remember all the shots you need. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond it. If a new idea comes up, follow the moment.

Listen to all the wishes of the couple

As a photographer, you bring your expertise to your pre-wedding photo session ideas, and your clients offer their ideas. It’s almost impossible to put it all together without an introductory meeting. You need to understand the desires and needs of the two people, so be sure to take plenty of time to do so.

We suggest preparing and showing examples with similar shoots on a tablet or laptop. Be sure to listen to the couple’s ideas, and encourage them to offer their options for the style and location of the shoot. Remember that this is their personal love story and they have asked you to record it for the future. Allocate enough time for this meeting and make all the necessary arrangements. Make sure you discuss everything beforehand and outline how long the photo session will last.

Choose a location and outfits for a couple

Perhaps there is a certain place that reminds sweethearts of their most precious moments. Here are some tips:

  • Let the couple tell you themselves. If it’s not easy to choose, have a few suggestions of your own at the ready. Try to be original, but also consider their wishes.
  • Find out what the couple wants to wear. Here again, it’s their choice, but your expert opinion is very important.
  • Show them examples of similar photo sessions that you have prepared in advance. Use them to show how a good closet can make a difference.

If the location has an easy makeover, they may have a chance to change several outfits during the photo shoot.

The correct kit is of great importance

It’s best to have a camera that gives you creative control over its settings. A portrait lens would be very useful. An even longer focal length lens, say 200mm full frame equivalent, can also produce some awesome photos. In the meantime, there’s an opportunity for creative wide-angle shots.

Make the most of your skills. In addition to choosing the right lenses, don’t forget the flash. In some circumstances, it can help. For the same reason, a reflector can be a real perk. And be sure to have everything ready the evening before – batteries charged, memory cards empty, and lenses cleaned.

Golden hours for golden moments

The days of standard studio photo sessions for pre-wedding photos are far behind us. This means that you can make full use of nature’s lighting. Much more effort will have to be put into setting up quality studio lighting.

At the first meeting with the couple, lighting should be an important subject of discussion. Planning to use golden hour should be on your list of priorities. Even if you can’t engage such a technique, use natural lighting properly. For example, shooting in the sun can add a dramatic effect, while an overcast sky gives a softer, more even light. Most importantly, don’t let harsh light ruin your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Always help your clients with their poses

Some people like to pose for pictures and others do not so much. Your job at a pre-wedding photo shoot is to make the two people as comfortable as possible. Constantly talk to your clients, cheer them up, and encourage them. It is extremely important that they trust your opinion. Some poses seem unnatural, but look amazing in photos.

Prepare ahead of time and look for poses you want to try for that pre-wedding photo shoot. Look at what other professional photographers have done for inspiration. The more of these photo shoots you review, the more poses you can show the couple in love. Even though you need to take more photos together, try individual shots. Using depth of field, you can focus on one person. Although this is about their coming closer to each other, it is also about them as individuals.

Never forget the image editor

Be sure to take full advantage of modern photo editors. With the help of such applications, you will make your photos even more stunning. Experiment with filters, presets, and different photo effects. If you want to use alternatives to Adobe Lightroom, read the article in Skylum’s blog.