OSRS Thieving Guide

OSRS Thieving Guide

Have you ever thought about how to get rich quickly in Old School RuneScape? Well, there are many ways.

One of the most popular is thieving. With this guide, you will be able to know everything about Thieving and make some serious profit. 

The content of this article is written in a way that will tell you all the necessary information so that when reading it, your eyes won’t even have time to blink.

So if you want to become an expert at stealing items without getting caught or risking anything, then read on, my friend.

OSRS Thieving Guide

I’m excited to share my new osrs thieving guide with you! This blog post will cover the basics of Thieving, what it is used for in-game, and how to get started. I’ll also go over some of the essential tips for leveling up your skills quickly. 

So let’s jump right in! 

What Is Thieving?

Thieving is a members-only skill that allows you not only to pickpocket people or steal from market stalls. You can also unlock doors and traps.

In short, Thieving will enable players to pickpocket NPCs and chests throughout Gielinor without being noticed by guards or other players.

It can be a beneficial skill that provides a lot of advantages while playing Old School RuneScape.

Guidelines For Each Level



Earning Thieving experience is usually done by completing quests, but a few ways to get early levels quickly. Completing Biohazard and Hazeel Cult will grant 7200XP–enough for level 24.

These can be finished soon at low levels because of their ease-of-achievement requirements. However, one must still complete:

  • The Queen Of Thieves from CLIENT OF KOUREND 
  • Giant Dwarf quest

This requires some combat involvement as well Other than these two examples, all other tasks involve little effort with almost no restrictions except when competing against creatures like the dorgeshuun in (Dorgis’hoon Mort’ton).


The best way to get level 5 Thieving is by pickpocketing men and women in-game.

Starting at level 1, the only viable option for players who have their respawn point is Lumbridge because they can run around robbing people without having food.

At the same time, there’s also a comfortable spot near the castle where it’s unoccupied, so it won’t take long before you’re back up with more cash. 

Bakery Stalls

You can make quick progress through the game by stealing from bakery stalls in East Ardougne market or Kourend Castle.

The guards at these locations are quickly taken out when they aren’t looking, and there’s always a safe spot to steal behind them.

You might even gain up to 19200 experience per hour if you’re willing to drop everything – it all depends on how efficient your time is spent as well as what items have been dropped so far (arrows may be more worth carrying).

Fruit Stalls

Stealing from fruit stalls in Hosidius offers the fastest experience from level 25 to 45. This requires 15% favor with King Awowogei II of OsTown and gives 28-and half per fruit taken (since you get 2 for each successful heist). 

The best place is east by one house near a beach; it has no guard dogs nearby, so your bacon should be safe there.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, then steal only at one stall instead of stamina potions will help too when running between them fast enough while avoiding detection if guards happen upon any activity.


Blackjacking is the fastest way to level your character from 45-49 and 65 – 91, but there are three types of bandits.

All you need for blackjack are knock-out bandits with a pickpocket skill 50 or more, if they don’t have that, then it’s 4 HP worth their while.

Although this quest has been completed by most players in Pollnivneach village (or wherever), some still haven’t received its rewards yet.

The Feud quest must be done before attempting these quests, as well as having complete rogue equipment at levels 1 through 30 when starting out so storage space won’t matter much either way once we get started on how the adventure begins here together.

Stealing Artefacts

Stealing artifacts in Port Piscarilius offer the fastest experience from level 49 to 65. This method remains a feasible alternative for players who prefer something less click-intensive or want to train Thieving while moving and take action. 

Such activities include burning logs and cutting gems (and even blowing molten glass). To commit this crime successfully, you’ll need 75% favor with residents here.

However, if your character has accessorized appropriately, then it will only take them some time running around anyways.

Pyramid Plunders 

The Pyramid Plunder minigame offers a unique way to train. Thieving for players level 91 and up. You can begin training at the site in Sophanem, but it is slower than other methods starting with 71 or 81 – especially when you factor in food requirements as well. 

The experience offered by this area makes leveling faster;However, some drawbacks come with playing here, like getting poisoned easily because its poison chambers provide such high protection values against common attacks (80+).

Final Worlds

In this blog post, we provide a comprehensive guide to OSRS Thieving. We cover some general information about the skill as well as guidelines for each level from 1-99, including quest requirements and recommended locations where you can train your thieving abilities. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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