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The Ultimate OSRS Range Guide (1-99) – Complete guide In 2021

OSRS Range Guide

OSRS Range Guide

The range guide is an essential skill in OSRS, and it’s one of the hardest to master. The way that range works in this game is not intuitive and can be challenging to grasp.

This blog post will explain what you need to know about how range works so that you can get started with training your ranged skills.

OSRS Range Guide

We’ll be going over the basics of range in OSRS and as with most things in life, understanding the fundamentals is crucial to mastering a subject and being successful.

However, it might seem like nothing more than numbers on your screen; knowing how to utilize them can mean the difference between winning or losing an encounter.

What is Range in OSRS?

Ranged is one of the three combat classes in Old School RuneScape. It involves using bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons to damage opponents from afar – meaning that rangers or archers are perfect for this role.

Players specializing in ranged attacks can also wear armor made primarily out of animal hides like leathers, giving them an edge against their foes when dealing melee blows that don’t work too well (or at all).

Ranged Training

It’s a pay-to-play training that you can only play after paying. Here is the detailed guide of every level you need to complete. 


Completing shadow tasks has three rewards that players can choose from an amount based on their current levels, so, for example: going from 1-20 would give 50%. 

The next option is known as “Shadowy pay;” this means doing things like killing enemies or finding hidden objects without being prompted first. Which also awards more XP than simply mowing down foes outright with weapons equipped. 

Thirdly, there’s extra stuff! You might get special items like prayerilleries when defeated. 

Dwarf Multicannon

The faster, more powerful dwarf multi cannon is a great way to train at high levels. But why stop there? The cannon has an even cheaper choice for Level 45+. 

It’s no surprise that using the Chinning method combined with training on this new and improved equipment can have players running through quests quickly without any problems whatsoever.

Chinning Maniacal Monkeys 

Chinchompas are a form of ammunition in RuneScape that players can use to train their ranged skills. They’re commonly known as “chinning” and require the player have started Chapter II – Monkey Madness questline (for Kruk’s Dungeon).

They will encounter maniacal monkeys which do not offer much defense but instead take more hits than most enemies found elsewhere on this island, making Void Knight equipment far superior against them with its damage boosting set effect bonuses for Prayer users specifically; when using an ensign shaped weapon.

It is highly recommended to use prayers such as Piety or Protect Democracy if possible since these two protect from PK-based attacks during combat while still providing decent offensive capabilities. 

Chinchompas are a trendy way to gain experience in RuneScape. Experience rates scale depending on the player’s equipment and Ranged level, but even at just 45 levels, they can gather up to 250 thousand XP per hour using grey chins Shapes.

That’s a lot faster than any other method can offer you that much higher level character with more items equipped to – Red Chincshamps give a rate around 350-400k XP/hour, whereas black chinch scopes raise your gains all together from 500K SE +/- 25% Each Level rises by approximately 20%.


The best way to train your Ranged at low levels is by killing crabs. They have high Hitpoints, very little Defence, and deal minimal damage, so it doesn’t take long before they’re dead.

The only problem with this method, though, is their aggressive periods which last 10 minutes unless reset by running away far enough; usually, a minimap’s length from where you’ve been targeting them in order not get swarmed, but don’t worry. 

There’s an easy solution 

Make two or three spawns aggroed together while waiting for the first one to aggress, then finish him off when all his friends come over too (hopefully).

Chinning Skeletal Monkeys

Skeletal monkeys, if you don’t have access to maniacal ones yet. They’re not as good, but they can still take a few hits before going down.

There are no disadvantages in terms of inventory space or anything like that. So it’s worth considering for pure accounts only unless your character has already started on their journey with Monkey Madness II from the start.

Which would defeat this purpose entirely because then we’d be dealing specifically with those who want better stats than what skeletal monkey gives them instead (in most cases).

Nightmare Zone

A very popular method for training Ranged is to use the normal customizable rumble setup in Nightmare Zone with no interaction from a player.

This will train up until around 60,000-70k experience an hour, and minimal cost or attention is required! Higher rates can be achieved by using a toxic blowpipe.

Still, it’s not recommended due to significantly higher costs/attention needed than other methods do provide – even though they might take longer as well.

Cannoning Dagannoth Under the Lighthouse 

If you’re looking to train your range quickly and inexpensively, Cannoning Jagannath is the perfect method.

With a blowpipe and mithril darts in Canon form with its special attack that can Range when needed using Prayer pots or prayer books will help mitigate costs of food banking as well.

Even though this training zone has risks like other players doing slayer tasks who could end up protecting against melees.

Protections are provided thanks to high levels of Defense, which limits damage taken greatly compared to dealing out attacks yourself at higher speeds.

At the same time, occasionally stunning enemies before they know what hit them from range only(which takes some practice).

Ranged with Slayer 

A toxic blowpipe is a great way to spice up your slayer training, but it’s not the most efficient weapon for leveling up. For players who want some variety in their task and don’t mind sacrificing ranged experience per hour (or getting close).

This can be an option worth considering when on course with level(s). As well as higher Ranged kills they earn than if using melee weapons or magic respectively.

So too do those fighting bows offer increased power compared to all other types of armament available within terror parts caverns – making them perfect candidates; against such foes!

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading our OSRS Range Guide! We hope this helped clarify some of your questions and concerns about what to do with a ranged weapon in Old School RuneScape.

If you need more guidance on using it, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.  If you found this article interesting, please share it so that others can benefit too.

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