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OSRS Magic Guide – Complete Guide In 2021

OSRS Magic Guide

OSRS Magic Guide

Magic is a vital part of the Old School RuneScape game, and it’s hard to do well without at least some basic knowledge. The osrs magic guide is the most popular and sought-after for osrs.

A team of professional gamers created it to make it easier for you to become more knowledgeable about all things related to OSRS games, osrs magic guide, or anything else in the realm of gaming.

The blog contains many helpful tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you succeed throughout your time playing this complicated game. 

OSRS Magic Guide

Magic is a game-changing skill in Old School Runescape. With the right Magic guide, you can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

I’ll be walking you through some of the basics of Magic and providing helpful tips that will take your skills to the next level. Whether you’re just starting or are already familiar with all, there is to know about Magic. 

What is Magic skill in OSRS?

Magic is one of the essential skills in Old School RuneScape and can be used to do everything from fast transport around the world, enchant items with valuable properties for crafting or converting coins into utility spells.

Without it, you will find yourself at a significant disadvantage since many high-level Alchemy recipes require magic users who know how to use their powers wisely. 

Guide Towards Levels


Leveling up is possible by completing quests that provide a Magic experience.

Completing Witch’s Potion and Imp Catcher gives a total of 1,200 Magic experiences, which is enough to get from level 1-10 without any problems at all.

A few other short quests will also grant an additional 11000 magic exp each (fairytale 3 – growing pains sub quest for disaster guide) if completed early in gameplay but still within one’s first ten levels. 

Enchanting Bolts

Enchanting gem-tipped bolts using the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell is a great way to train Magic while doing other activities.

The process can be sped up by holding down the spacebar and rapidly clicking on each cast, which increases experience rates significantly.

Since stackable runes are also used in this activity, one person with just a primary skillset can access all types of Magic available at once without having any equipment needed beyond loose gems or coins (for charms).

Your actions cannot be interrupted by spellcasting. But it is costly and only recommended for players who wish to get through early levels fast.

Players with plans on training Magic passively while doing something else will have a much cheaper alternative at level 21 – Low-Level Alchemy.

At level 55, it is recommended to switch your high-level Alchemy spell casting. You can also do this while doing other activities, and the amount of experience per cast will not disappoint you.

Killing Crabs

Crabs are an easy enemy to train on with the right spells. They’re not very dangerous and provide a fast experience at lower levels. Still, it’s best if you use higher-level combat magic for better damage output.

When fighting in close quarters, a mix of bolts or blast attacks knocked back too far from your opponent while trying. They stay aggressive (and deal minimal amounts) after 10 minutes without being attacked first. 

Three types will appear

  • freshwater crab( lowest level)
  • rockling(medium/high)
  • crystalline ocean king:(Extreme).

The Ammonite crab is a hardy creature with 100 hit points. Making the Ammonite crabs the best to train combat in older versions.

They can be challenging to find due to their higher city on Fossil Island, making them popular among players who don’t want any more trouble than necessary from rival mobs or cannons alike.

A sand crab has 60hp but doesn’t have quests. So it’s crowded often compared with other crabs found elsewhere around the Runescape world, such as Rellekka rock crabs(which has only 20hp).

Splashing Combat Spells

To maximize the experience, one should splash combat spells on weak monsters.

The process takes about an hour and does not require any player input. You will be attacking the monster during this period while wearing equipment that gives at least a -64 Magic attack bonus, as long as it has been left up in Autocast Mode (or enabled).

Equip your staff of choice, then turn on Auto Retaliate so they can auto retaliate against those pesky foes. 

Superheat Item

One possible option at level 43 would be to cast Superheat Item on ores. This spell can be cast every 3 ticks and yields 53 Magic experiences per minute.

It costs some money in Grand Exchange prices for the casts-usually about 20-24 coins each time.

With decent focus, players could potentially gain up to 97000 mp/h with this method. The amount of Smithing exp gained varies depending on what type of ore you use: 2195 tries will get from 1 through 55 points total if using an Iron Ore; Steel Ingot requires 1250 casts until the player reaches 45 levels advanced though–and that takes less than 10 hours’ worth!”


We hope you found this guide on the OSRS Magic Guide helpful and informative. If you want to learn more, we recommend reading our other blogs or contact us for a consultation with one of our experts. Thank you!

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