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2020 is not here, but discussions have already started about the top best & latest mobile models of this year. In the race of technology, everyone is trying to lead the world. It can be through the highest technology, the Most anticipated vehicles in 2021, the Most awaited mobile, the Most awaited movies or anything else.

We will tell you the features of Samsung Galaxy S11, Apple iPhone 12, One plus 8 lite, and many other leading brands of 2020.

Best mobile phone list of 2020

Huawei Mate X (Late- 2019)

Huawei will enter the race of foldable telephones. It has shown and drive-by propelling the Mate X. The Mate X includes a solitary showcase estimating eight crawls from corner-to-corner that rules the outside of the gadget. It likewise has one quad-focal point camera module, instead of the variety of back and forward-looking focal points in Samsung’s handset. Goodness, and it is 5G prepared, as well.


The foldable phone arrived in the market in November. Yet, Huawei has been uncommunicative about its accessibility in different pieces of the world, which makes us suspicious that it will ever come around in the West.


We are hearing the bits of gossip that Galaxy S11 will be in a showcase on eighteenth February 2020. Anyway, these are still gossipy tidbits.

Its screen sizes will be of 6.4in, 6.7in, and 6.9in over the line. Additionally, the 6.4in model supposedly won’t have a level screen this time around. The display may be somewhat less thrilling than previously, it is normal that Samsung will concentrate on the improvement and propelled cameras.

It is reputed that Samsung is taking a shot at a 108MP camera. You can likewise anticipate a fantastic 5x optical zoom. The new telephone could even include a spectrometer, which would let you guide the camera at nourishment toward deciding its harmless substance, among different highlights.


Indeed, the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Max turned out just two months prior, and indeed, there are as of now bits of gossip starting to break about the iPhone 12 due out one year from now.

Besides, there’s a decent possibility that the range-beating 2020 iPhone will bolster 5G. There’s developing proof to recommend numerous iPhone proprietors that held off moving up to the 11 arrangement did so due to an absence of help for cutting edge remote systems.

apple iphone 12 pro max

While Apple’s upcoming iPhones are a year away now, we should need to hold up until the spring before we start to have an unmistakable thought of what the organization is arranging. Screen sizes could move a piece as well, going to 5.4in, 6.1in, and 6.7in.


With another telephone out each five or a half year, it’s nothing unexpected that we’ve just heard a few things about the new technology of Oneplus8. It is expected that it will launch in pre-summer.

Gossipy tidbits recommend that the OnePlus 8 will use wireless and remote charging, one of the main leads includes that the organization has jumped to date. Yet, we’ll need to perceive how that effects cost assuming genuine.


Will OnePlus dispatch a mid-officer, as well? That is the talk. They point to a handset that a focused punch-opening pattern on what seems to be a level screen, and a left-side rectangular camera module on the back with two sensors.

The screen is dependent to be about 6.4-6.5in and will probably pack in an in-show unique mark sensor, yet past that, there aren’t plenty of subtleties on specs. OnePlus has routinely offered leader level telephones during its reality, so we’re interested to perceive what a cut-down version closely resembles if this hole is genuine.


Early holes propose that the Huawei P40 Pro will proceed with the structure development seen since the P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro.

It will have a cascade style bent “Skyline Display” (around 6.5in) at QHD+ goals and a 120Hz invigorate rate. You’ll see a double camera punch-opening pattern there, as well – however, more recognizably, a tremendous back camera module with five complete cameras.

upcoming phones 2020

The Mate 30 Pro was excellent from an equipment point of view. However, the absence of Google benefits murdered it, and supposedly. Huawei won’t have them on the P40 Pro except if the circumstance with the United States clears up rapidly.


Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ are immensely costly. Yet, in case you’re on the chase for a stylus-telephone soon. Hold tight – there may be a less expensive form seemingly within easy reach.

It has a level screen, as well, in contrast to the curved screens of the Note 10 and Note 10+. It is practically similar to the Galaxy S10e partner to the Note 10.

It’s not clear what we ought to anticipate from the specs, even though it is normal that it will. In any case, have a Snapdragon 855 chip inside. The site likewise pegs the cost to around €670, which is a reserve fund of about €260 from Note 10’s price.

samsung galaxy s11 release date

Microsoft Surface Duo (Holiday 2020)

Microsoft is making a Surface telephone. Which is more than an extraordinary phone, one that has two screens and runs Android. The Surface Duo uncovered a year before its vacation in 2020. It includes a couple of Gorilla Glass-secured 5.6-inch shows joined by a pivot down the center. It’s not genuinely foldable, in that the screens themselves don’t twist. Or maybe, they can pivot 360 degrees so that you can utilize the gadget in a few different directions.

Like other Android leads, the Surface Duo is fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor, as per Wired. However, Microsoft rushed to call attention to that it doesn’t see the gadget carefully as a telephone.

The 855 will be obsolete when the gadget in the long run dispatches, which likewise brings up the issue of whether the Surface Duo will bolster 5G. Microsoft made no notice of it during the uncovering. Yet if other late 2020 leaders support cutting edge organizes. The organization’s first telephone in quite a while will look strong obsolete.

In any case, there’s loads of time for Microsoft to refine and improve the Surface Duo’s plan before it hits the market close by the bigger Surface Neo tablet. What we see presently is unmistakably an early look — however, it’s still absolutely provoked our curiosity.

Is there a new iPhone coming out in 2020?

Apple iPhone in 2020 will refresh screen rate 60HZ/120HZ, Apple will release two latest 5G iPhone mobiles in 2020.

How much will the iPhone 11 cost?

iPhone 11 price starts at 699$.

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