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The metaverse is the latest trending topic in a day and age where everything is online. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we came across the redundancy of print media and even the blurring of lines between what is virtual and what is real.

This has transcended a time where business ROI is based on everything that is online. We know that businesses need to be online in order to maximise their profits and earn a place in the pantheon of all things virtual.

Brands need to have an online presence since everyone is online and brick-and-mortar entities are going towards an era of extinction.

Add to this Facebook’s metaverse. But it is not only Facebook that is putting its hopes on the metaverse, there is Microsoft that has thrown in its lot as well when it comes to all things virtual.

What was regarded as emerging technologies a few months back is fast becoming the default. We have so many businesses today that are experimenting with the whole concept of NFTs and cryptocurrencies.


While the question is whether such technologies will be embraced by the masses, the reality is that you need the majority to embrace it in order for there to be a transition to such niche products. 

Elegant Media is a forward-thinking App development company that is well-versed in the art of creating Apps that win awards. When it comes to Mobile Development there is the need to take into consideration different realities.

For instance, there is the need to consider how online businesses will work in the metaverse. Consider Roblox and how musicians like Lil Nas X had concerts in a different reality. This is something that is becoming the norm today.

There will be the creation of currencies within different metaverses where you will have to buy different products and services to function in that world.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development will be a supplement to such technologies. For instance, with cryptocurrencies, there needs to be Apps that will help with cryptocurrency wallets. This is vital since it would help to garner a wider and more accessible audience.

Cryptocurrency companies like Binance already have Apps that make the dream of earning Bitcoin a reality.

On a final note, it would be prudent to realise that App development is an area that needs to be understood in a way where it will help businesses become an extension of their real-world business in a different reality.  

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