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Linda Fairstein Net Worth

Linda Fairstein Net worth

LINDA FAIRSTEIN Biography And Net Worth:

In this world where criminal cases are increasing day by day. There are people like Linda Fairstein who are working for crimes’ repression. Linda Fairstein was born in Mount Vernon, New York the United States. The biography of Linda Fairstein will enhance your thoughts about those people who are working for the welfare of mankind. Today we are going to tell you about Linda Fairstein’s net worth and biography.


Bio of Linda Fairstein:

Linda Fairstein, a well-known American author, and the previous New York bailiff. Fairstein focuses on sex offenses and the cruelty of hostile children and women. Moreover, Linda Fairstein was chief of the sex offense unit at the Manhattan District from 1976 until 2002. 

When she was the chief of the sex offense unit she oversaw central park five cases. She is one of those best authors who became a successful crime novelist. Above all, Linda is also the top-selling author of a serial highlighting Manhattan solicitor Alexandra Cooper.

Linda Fairstein Net worth


Linda’s Age:

Linda Fairstein was born on 5th May 1947 in New York, United States. She was the daughter of Samuel Johnson Fairstein and Alice Atwell Fairstein. She is almost 73 years old.

Linda’s Husband:

Firstly, Linda weds with an advocate Justin Feldman in 1987. This marriage goes to the death of her husband in 2011. Linda’s first husband died at the age of 92.

Secondly, in 2014 Linda married Michael Goldberg. Her close friend who was her class fellow at the University of Virginia School of law. Linda married him in September 2014. Then they settled in the upper east edge of New York.

Linda Fairstein Net Worth:

Linda Fairstein has an approximate net worth of about $17 Million which is more than Greta Thunberg Network.


Linda completed her honours in English literature from Vassar College in 1969. She also graduated from the University of Virginia School of law in 1972.

Central Park Five Case:

Linda’s office looks after the execution in 1990 of the central park five case. The execution finished during the stance of five teens whose opinion was later abandoned. In the legal action, those five teenagers were condemned. They claimed that Linda with the support of investigators at the 20th locality pressurized the false disclosure from five arrested teenagers.

The five teenagers go through 30 straight hours of interrogation and menacing. When a US lawyer David Nocenti guide Yusuf Salaam, one of the appellants appeared at the locality. Therefore, the appellant cooked over an open pit.

He declared that Linda rebukes him certainly he inquired to leave instantly. Then she calls her husband to inquire about the phone number of Nocenti’s and Brooklyn US lawyer Andrew Maloney. So in other words, she could acquire the adolescent advocate dismissed. 

The declared five teens were Antron Mc Cray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise. They later assert that their divulgence pressurized during interrogation and menacing.

Antron Mc Cray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, and Korey Wise scrawled note down divulgence. However, Yusuf Salam makes an oral divulgence but declined to scrawl. They were condemned for different thrash and sexual assaults found at the incorrect divulgence attained from the 5 teenagers in 1989. 

central park five


Central Park 5 Vacation:

In 2002 subsequently, all those five pursuits evacuated. Meanwhile, the condemned ravager Matias Reyes admitted to the misdeed. In 2003, those four teens except Matias Reyes solicit the New York city for hostile execution, ethnic intolerance, and spiritual torture. Consequently, the agreement, for instance, was made on 19 June 2014, for 41 million dollars.DNA examining of sperm found on sufferer committed that Reyes is the exclusive donator of the DNA.

Oliver Jovanovic Controversy:

Oliver Jovanovic solicits that Linda’s claim that she was involved in the false arrest of hostile execution, spiteful misuse of process, and contradiction. The legal action originates from Linda’s triumphant execution of Jovanovic for instance which is in fact later cancelled on pleading. Thus Due to a new judge, this triumphant execution was abandoned.

There was no solid confirmation relating Jovanovic to the offense. His informer declared that she criticized him cruelly. However, she was left for bleed out and as a result, there were only a few dim swellings that were later found. Previous New York rape offense investigator John Baeza. Who was  working in guarding Jovanovic after quitting the force, said; “If Linda didn’t tell me that this is a false report, well, I am just shocked.”

The $10 million legal actions are hostile to Linda and two advocates and previous manhattan assistant district advocate Gail Heatherly. Who coaches at the Law School of Columbia. And city police Investigator Milton Bonilla. They banished on condensation penalty in September 2010.

Linda Books and Novels:

Linda Fairstein is an international top-selling author of a serial crime novel highlighting Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper.

These books are:

  • Final Jeopardy (1996)
  • Likely To Die (1997)
  • Cold Hit (1999)
  • The Dead-House (2001) (Nero Award winner)
  • The Bone Vault (2003)
  • The Kills (2004)
  • Entombed (2005)
  • Death Dance (2006)
  • Bad Blood (2007)
  • Killer Heat (2008)
  • Lethal Legacy (2009)
  • Hell Gate (2010)
  • Silent Mercy (March 2011)
  • Night Watch (July 2012)
  • Death Angel (2013)
  • Terminal City (2014)
  • Devil’s Bridge (2015)
  • Killer Look (2016)
  • Deadfall (2017)
  • Blood Oath (2019)

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  • Federal Bar Council’s Emory Buckner Award for Public Service
  • UJA Federation’s Proskauer Award
  • Columbia University’s School of Medicine Award for Excellence
  • Glamour Magazine’s Woman of the Year Award
  • American Heart Association Women of Courage Award
  • New York Women’s Agenda 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Nero Wolfe Award for Excellence in Crime Writing (2008)
  • International Thriller Writers 2010 Silver Bullet Award 

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Linda Fairstein Twitter:

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Linda Fairstein was one of those people who work for the welfare of society. She raised her voice against central park five cases to provide justice to the victim by giving punishment to the five teenagers. We assured you that you will like this Linda Fairstein biography and net worth.

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