Online billing is a great way to save time and money and LESCO Bill is one of the most convincing online billing platforms. I’ve been using online bill pay for years, and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.

The convenience factor alone makes it worth it, but there are so many other benefits to consider as well.

It’s important to go over what a duplicate bill is, why it happens and how you can prevent this from happening? First, let’s talk about what exactly a duplicate bill is.

A duplicate bill can be defined as two or more invoices being sent out for the same purchase.

This means that the customer has been billed twice for an item they have only purchased once.

Duplicates occur when incorrect information is entered into your accounting software and creates multiple transactions using the same information (i.e., receiving date, account number, etc.).



Online billing is not a recent trend. It was introduced in Pakistan more than ten years ago.

Before initiating online payment methods, many people had been paying their bills manually by queuing outside banks or transferring through Easypaisa.

Mallory Brown said that online systems have gained immense popularity here.”

Mallory also mentioned companies expanding into digital platforms, especially when customers are looking for an easier way to manage payments instead of carrying cash all over town so that you can shop at some stores.

How To Check Electricity Bills?

The easiest way to check your LESCO Bill is by using the Reference Number or Customer ID found on any utility bill.

Look for these two numbers close together in one corner of each page, match them up with what you see online.

You should be all set now; go ahead and surf away without worrying about paying too much because nobody knows better than us here at Utility Company X how important our customers’ loyalty is, after all.

Your Reference ID


There are various ways to find a 12-digit Number, including one on your LESCO utility bill.

As we have already discussed above, this number is found in the prefix section of our bills.

It should be used appropriately when entering it into any form or downloading them.

So they appear for viewing later through phone access or laptop use

Your Customer ID

Your Customer ID

For the ease of customers, www.lescogov.pk provides another option to check for duplicates.

You can enter your customer ID number, and you will receive a duplicate copy of your bill in return.

How Can I Check My bill?

To ensure you don’t get scammed, check your bill using the box above and enter your credit card number. If there are any discrepancies or errors, then contact LESCO immediately; they’ll take care of everything else.

How Do I Download An Old Bill?

If you have a reference number for any old bill, then follow these steps to download it.

First, select the most convenient time for your needs and click proceed at the top right corner of this page.

You’ll be taken into another screen where all we need from now on is just one small detail: which year would you like us best?

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