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Kevin O’Leary Net worth

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Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian Businessman and author. He is a co-founder of many software companies such as “Softkey.” The mother of Kevin was also a businesswoman who raised him with his stepfather.

Kevin was fond of photography, but with time he starts idealizing his mother as a successful woman. Kevin was born on 9 July 1954 in Montreal. Today we will discuss the early life and struggles of Kevin O’Leary in this article based on facts and research.

Kevin Oleary Net worth
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Kevin Oleary Net worth & Biography

Kevin completed his degree of MBA from the “University of Western Ontario.” After that, he went to the foundation of “Special Event Television,” which organize a sports program.

He keeps himself in the foundation and co-founded a company in 1986 known as “SoftKey Software Products.” His official business partners are John and Gary.

Three of them established this company for manufacturing computer and IT related products and software. After taking the company to the next level, he decided to sell it and become a multi-millionaire.

Kevin Oleary net worth is $400 million nowadays. Many of his properties are in Switzerland and Geneva. He primarily lives in Toronto. According to the survey, he also maintains a vast and luxurious cottage in Muskoka and Ontario.

Early Life

In the early life of Kevin, his parents faced many financial hardships. His mother started as a small-time business owner and an investor. Moreover, his father met many critical issues at work. The life of Kevin was not as easy as it looks.

His father passed away due to over drinking because of depression and financial hardships. Her mother kept struggling and ran the family business by himself. After facing so much tricky time, she married an economist who works at a United Nations agency.

In his early life, Kevin’s problem is shifting from one town to another because of his stepfather’s job. According to him, he spends his quality time in childhood in Cyprus & Cambodia. His mother paid strict attention to Kevin and helped him a lot in understanding business.

Kevin Oleary Net worth

The mother of Kevin also paid a lot of attention to his studies. He completed high school at “St. George’s School.” As we mentioned above, he wanted to become a professional photographer, but his mother influenced him to track business. Sadly, his mother passed away before he completed his MBA degree in 1980.

The good thing is that his mother taught him a lot, and he learned many secret tips and tricks from his mother, which enables him to maintain his business in a stable position. On the other hand, Kevin used his investment skills and planned his future enterprises.

Career Of Kevin Oleary

After completing his MBA, he started his career as an intern at “Nabisco.” After completing his internship, Kevin was promoted to ABM (Assistant Branch Manager). he got this position in a cat-food manufacturing company.

He said that he learned many trending business techniques from Nabisco, which helps him improve decision power before starting his enterprises.

The time was circulating, and he was pursuing his career. After some time, Kevin began his business as a TV producer with his two classmates. Three of them put many efforts and struggled together, which results in a successful sports broadcasting company.

Kevin Oleary Net worth
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After achieving some milestones, Kevin sold his shares to his business partner. At that time, the company was broadcasting essential sport-events and some TV shows.

He was the owner of an independent mindset, which leads to starting his own business independently. In 19s, the trend in computers and IT start gaining popularity.

Kevin availed this opportunity and started his foundation of a software company known as “SoftKey.” It was the first country in Canada who focus on providing consumer goods for the computer software industry.

On the other hand, Kevin and his two partners focus on information and entertainment software bought by many families and people. As time passes, SoftKey becomes a multinational company. Many other companies start following the same business pattern.

Other Resources Of Kevin Oleary

In the middle of 2000, Kevin planned to acquire a video game creator. But, their deal did not go well. Atari wanted to become a co-investor and active director of the company known as “StorageNow Holdings” in 2003. Four years later, Kevin purchased the shares and sold them for $4.5 million.

Kevin also established a fundraising company known as O’Leary funds. He runs this company with his brother. Shane runs the company as the director of the company whereas, Kevin leads the company as an investor and chairman. On the other hand, Kevin starts making a vast fortune while investing and raising funds for other companies.

Personal Life

Kevin married to her wife Linda in 1990. Sadly, both of them decide to get separation in 2011. But luckily, they came back together in 2013. Kevin and Linda have two children, one is a son who is a music composer and a DJ and the second one is a daughter named savannah. Kevin is one of the strong supporters of football who supports “ New England Patriots.”


The early life of Kevin was similar to a film of a broken kid. However, his parents faced many hardships and financial crises. Choosing his career as a businessman instead of becoming a photographer is the excellent decision he ever made. Moreover, his mother influences him a lot, like a successful businesswoman.

According to him, the success and to multinational companies he made based on his mother’s investment skills. At some points, Kevin even said that the internship he completed provide him great exposure.

He is living a healthy and happy life with his family. By making a fortune of $400 million. It is hard to determine what are his next plans for the future.

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