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Jeff Tiedrich Biography

Jeff Tiedrich Biography

Reading the biography of different celebrities and famous peoples is a hobby of many people. They are curious to read about the past life of their famous celebs and the people who become successful with their passion and unlimited efforts. Jeff Tiedrich is one of them. There are many interesting and wonderful facts that how Jeff Tiedrich become famous and more about his life, which will amaze you. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the life of Jeff Tiedrich with many interesting facts you always wanted to know.

Key Points 

  • Jeff music career and other occupations
  • His family and struggles with his wife
  • Final Thoughts

Jeff Tiedrich Biography 

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Jeff tiedrich is an American blogger who always blogs about politics. He made a thousand number of people audience who call him a political activist. The most exciting fact about jeff tiedrich is that he always comes first for commenting on the ex-president Donald Trump’s post. He almost made more than 300K followers on his Twitter. He was known as one of the most popular haters of Donal trump in the world. Can you imagine the feeling of getting thousands of followers based on hating a person? But that’s an actual fact about him. He created a niche for himself by hating the ex-president Donald Trump who is somehow strange and funny.

Jeff tiedrich has not an occupation of hating Donald Trump. He works as a journalist on a publication platform known as “Smirking Chimp.” the first post was about the voting equipment that is not perfect for election use. He asked this first question in January 2008.

Music Career 

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In his early life, jeff tiedrich always wanted to become a musician. He started his career as a guitarist in 1973. His passion and struggle lead him to a band of six persons known as Alligator music band. With his continuous struggle, he won the position of leading guitarist in his band and club. You can search his youtube channel, where he had a huge amount of audience. He posts some rare and old stories and videos of his Alligator band.


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He got his early education in Morris Hills High school, located in Rockaway alongside his sister. He completed his graduation in 1975, whereas his sister graduated in 1977. Jeff was fond of arts and design. His passion for the arts and design culture takes him to the Parson School of design after graduation. According to his social media profile, he completed his bachelor’s degree in 1978.

Jeff Tiedrich Career 

Since the time was running from the 90s to 2000, he decided to start his political activism career. As we mentioned above, he already had thousands of followers on Twitter because of the hatred he had for Donald Trump. He got a flag on his retired Twitter account, which has more than 40k followers in 2018. After 2018, his career gets a boost, and his audience starts multiplying. He created a following of more than 200k in less time and made this fan base only on the hatred of Donald Trump. He also owns a Patreon account, where many users pay more than 180$ for accessing his content. With the passage of time, he created his own website where he highlighted his active list website where users can access his content. The name of the website is jefftiedrich.com.

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On 29th January 2020, he started a $1000 goal campaign and named it “pay me for tweeting.” He also claimed that he was too lazy to search for a regular job. On the other hand, hating Donald Trump was always on the top of the line. He was lazy and hated to do the job, which bound with time and place. So, he started this career, which gives him money and time leverage and a workplace.

Age & Family

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He was born in America on 16th March 1957. His born location was New Jersey in America. Currently, the age of jeff tiedrich is 62, but he will turn 63 in 2021. He belongs to a Jewish family that comprises father, mother, daughter, including him. He and his sister were born to his father, Warren Lloyd, and mother, Joan Diamond. His father was an Army officer who works for the American army and served between America and Korea. The war duration was two years that we declared between 1951 to 1953. When he was a blogger and somehow a political activist, he married Claudia Long, and they both lived happily. The interesting fact is that her wife is eight years older than him. Her wife was a talented copywriter and strategist. She also had expertise as a creative director. Her skills and experience lead her to the strong portfolio of Truehealth & Bodden Partners.

She becomes the support system of her husband, and based on his strong portfolio, Claudia Long helped her gain many achievements. The saddest thing is that no one profoundly supports her, and her Twitter account was also suspended.

Net Worth Of Jeff Tiedrich 

After struggling for many years and enjoying his niche for hating the president, he made a fortune of $300K. He goes through many struggles and hardships as a political blogger, activist, musician, and designer. He made this amount of net worth with the struggle of 13 years, which is quite impressive. Most of the revenue was generating by blogging, Adsense, and as a left-wing journalist.

Final Thoughts 

The life of this famous hater in the world of Donald Trump is like an open book. His father served for the American army, which deserves to be saluted. Moreover, her wife also dedicated her life to grow her husband in the industry. It is a rare thing. No one will do this until they had a strong bonding with you. No one will ever see your struggles until they deeply study your Biography. Most people only know this personality as the hater of Donald Trump. But, after reading this Biography, you will surely respect him. Because the content he made and the political issues he shared worth reading without any doubts.

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