YouTube is a universal platform. Every single person looks up to google to find solutions to their problems. Fortunately, YouTube has its answers too!

Having millions of users is why it is the most powerful marketing platform after Google.  Many marketers have switched to YouTube for the promotion of their brand. It won’t help if you show only a video to the viewers without any plan. A video needs a proper draft from the start till the end. It should be a user-friendly video and could even change the viewers into potential buyers.

It is of utmost importance that you understand the need for a good intro and a good outro for the video. It keeps your viewer engaged throughout. As per WP Dev Shed, intros constitute the beginning of a video that briefly explains the video in a few seconds and is crucial to keep the viewers engaged.

Furthermore, outros form the end of a video that summarises the video quickly and gives a CTA to the viewers. This article outlines why you need to use a stellar outro or intro maker to create the perfect introduction and conclusion to your video. 

Importance of Intros on YouTube videos:

An intro is essential for retaining new viewers. Naturally, you’d be working on bringing in new viewers constantly if you’re trying to grow your channel. Your main objective is to get people to watch your video, but that’s only half the battle. Hopefully, they’ll subscribe to you as well. 

Let us see some reasons that make YouTube intros essential-

  • Improves professionalism:

Creative intros are an added jewel in the crown of marketing video. The power of an Intro Video can increase the purchase intent. Thus, an intro video enhances the professional appeal of the brand. Add elements to the video that instantly familiarises the viewer with your brand.

  • Sets up the signature for the brand:

Having an exclusive intro like music, a logo, etc., can make your establishment easily in an ocean of videos. 

Also, people would know your brand with a creative intro as it leaves an everlasting impression on the viewers.

If people like it, your video will stand out among others. It helps to remember your brand whenever they hear any relevant music.

  • Maintains audience interest:

The game-changer is the first few seconds that, if put creatively, will retain the audience for the rest of the video. An intro plays an essential role in that window of a few seconds. Either you make it or lose it. The audience won’t switch to the next video if you add an engaging intro. 

It prepares the audience for what they are going to see next.

  • Boosts video marketing effectiveness:

Video marketing is the most profitable, versatile, and recent addition to digital marketing tools. Since people prefer video content to read, we must realize the importance of an intro to hook up the audience till the end. It undoubtedly helps to expand your business.

With the help of various Intro Maker tools, you can give it a shot and turn on the competition.

Importance of Outros for your YouTube video

Your YouTube outro (or end screen) will assist in better engaging viewers by introducing a call to action. In addition to sending them to other videos you’ve made, you can also encourage them to subscribe to your channel and drive traffic to your website.

Let us have a look at some reasons for the necessity of the outros:

  • Hook the viewer to your channel:

An outro can showcase some links of the other content that might interest your viewers and help you retain them. It helps to keep the viewers to your channels as they dig further into relevant content. It makes one of the keys to the success of your channel.

  • Calls attention to CTAs:

Nobody likes an abrupt end. To finish off with the video smoothly, add a call-to-action. It persuades the viewer to participate in an activity that increases your promotion, such as visiting the brand’s webpage,  participation link for a contest, or referral offers.

The ending should create a lasting impression in the minds of your viewers, and a theme for your closure should represent the identity of your brand.

  • Improve the standing in social media:

Social media is a powerful tool to make your branding successful. Thus, it is necessary to improve your position on the social media platform. Plan a decent outro to leave an impression on the viewer’s mind. Add your social media handles at the end for the viewers to further explore your brand.

  • A goodbye note:

You can establish a connection with your audience through a well-crafted outro, and your audience will also be able to connect with your brand. When the outro starts, your viewers will know that the video is coming to an end, and everything they learned in the video concludes into one final point.

Ensure that the outro leaves a long-lasting impact with a brand identity. 

There are various Outro Makers available online to help you with the process.


YouTube is a perfect platform to kick-start your branding with video marketing. You only need to create a well-crafted video for it. Add a quick and creative intro to introduce the brand and hook the viewers to your content. Similarly, add the outro to give a smooth end to the video while keeping the viewers engaged with your brand.


1. What does outro mean in a video?

A YouTube outro means the end of the screen of a video. It is the last part of the video after the main content.

2. How long should intros and outros be?

Intros and outros should be a maximum of 20 seconds long, preferably 8-10 seconds. It gives enough time for the audience to process the whole scenario. 

3. How do you make a good intro?

Some tips to make a good intro include:

  • Use short sentences.
  • Give a brief introduction about the subject.
  • Make a personalized statement for the viewer.
  • Explain the importance of the subject.