How To Roll A Blunt

Rolling a blunt is not that easy as it looks. However, practice makes everyone perfect in everything you target. There are two types of people in the world, one who loves to roll and smoke the blunts, second who literally hates this stuff.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss both of them with the question you have in your mind about:

key point
1. What Is A Blunt
2. Step By Step Guide For Making A Blunt
3. Advantages & Side Effects Of Smoking Blunts

How To Roll A Blunt 


What Is A Blunt?

A blunt is a joint or cigar that a person fills with weed, cannabis, or tobacco to smoke. In many countries, the cultural significance of an iconic joint cannot be ignored.

Many people love to buzz in their minds and bodies by mixing cannabis and tobacco in a wrap, which made a perfect blunt.

On the other hand, many people only smoke blunts to enjoy the flavors of blunt wraps. There are many issues in rolling a blunt, and as a beginner, you should know the basics of rolling a blunt. 



Start your rolling process by gathering the essential materials you require in the blunt. The first thing that you need for a blunt is a strain of cannabis. Many types of strains in the market make a person high enough or low enough to feel the buzz.

The second thing that you need is a high-quality cigar or a blunt wrap. If you are new to rolling, we will recommend you to use a grinder or a blader for mashing the stuff. This will be helpful for beginners to set their hands on a rolling blunt.

You can use any kind of cigar, but if you want to enjoy it, we will suggest you use the one that is not entirely dried. Nowadays, it becomes so easy to buy a blunt wrap at any corner store. It depends on you which flavor you want.

Some common and most famous cigarillos are Black & Mild, White Owl, and Swisher Sweets.

How Much Material Can We Use?

If you made an average blunt that is bigger than you demand, you need more weed to put in it. Usually, one to two grams of material is okay for giving a buzz by smoking a blunt. It totally depends on the number of people that made a gathering or the size of a cigar you want to smoke.

Step 1


Grind your cannabis in a grinder, or you can do this by using your hands. That will become a little bit messy, so even as a pro stoner, we will recommend you to use a blader. The benefit of making a blunt using a hand will help you’re blunt to burn a little bit slowly as compared to the grinder.

Step 2


Now here comes our favorite part. Start rolling your blunt with a tobacco wrap. Above, we had mentioned common types of cigarillo that you can use.

You can either empty that cigarillo or can use empty wraps that are readily available in the market. After that, use a blade to cut the blunt to a proper length. If you are a hand player, then using your fingers will not be an issue for you.

Step 3


It would be best if you use a little bit of moisture on the wrapping paper you buy. This will helps your blent to burn more smoothly.

Moreover, it will help maintain the shape by covering small tears that you may make while emptying. Tip your finger with a little bit of water only. That’s it!

Step 4


The filling is not an easy process for a beginner. You need to be more careful about adding an exact or at least the same amount. If you add more or a little bit less cannabis to the blunt, you will not experience the feeling you desire.

A standard blunt requires only 1-2 grams of stuff only. Though you are a regular stoner or love to share your blunts with other buddies, you may know what amount you want. But as a beginner, using one to grams will be okay.

Step 5


Before rolling, check whether you moisture the wrap or not. If you forget to wet a little bit of your paper, it may crack and you will end up with many tearings. After checking, roll the stuff between your fingers to roll the perfect blunt.

Once you rolled, tuck inside the roll paper and wet its edges. Try to get it from end to end. Here is a life hack for stoners: While smoking your cannabis, if the blunt cracks, you can use adhesives to fix the blunt.

Fire It And Let The Cannabis Speak To You


The last step is firing the blunt you made with so much effort as a beginner. Use a lighter to fire it. Using a lighter will add some ethics in smoking even as a single stoner or in a gathering.

Please avoid keeping the lighter too close to the blunt. You only need to fire the blunt, not to ruin it.

Advantages Of Smoking A Blunt

Some people love to smoke a blunt, whereas others hate it because of its side effects. Smoking a blunt will made you high by adding buzzes and energy to your mind and body. On the other hand, some people love the taste and aroma of a burning blunt.

That’s why we said to use high-quality wraps. You can take the blunt wherever you want. You can smoke it anywhere in the world. The blunt can be a good reason for making a gathering.

Side Effects 

There are some common side effects also of smoking a blunt. First, it affects mental health. No doubt, it gives a pleasant feeling, but you may also face anxiety and memory loss problems in the end. The major problem is that it heightened senses.

You may see colors, dark colors, bright and low sound louder. In simple words, there are some health disadvantages to smoking weed. It will highly affect your driving because the person who drives while smoking blunt is at higher risk of accident, which is unsafe for other people.

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