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How To Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

How To Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun 

There are many secret exotic quests that you will experience. One of the most prominent and important quests is the Xenophage Exotic Gun. We need to complete many uncompromising quests before achieving it, and it makes it difficult for a person to reach it. Here in this article, we will provide you with a guide to follow step-by-step for getting the Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun.


Key Points 

  • Guide To Reach At Xenophage Machine Gun
  • What Is Destiny 2?
  • Latest Changes In The Game
  • Final Thoughts

First step

The first step you need to take in your journey is to find the ideal quests that you need to complete. They may be hidden in the moon or inside Sorrow’s Harbor. After landing on the harbor, enter the tower and start following the funnel likewise. In the middle of the cave, you will see the light sparkling. That is your main spot, and you need to jump out of it. Remember that you need to follow the funnel until you reach the spot where two statues are standing on both sides. Mark that location and if you feel confused about determining the statue, remember the symbol of active light in your mind of the statue. There you may interact brutely with four statues. Here the codes will work differently for every player.

Once you entered the code correctly, a new chest will appear on the balcony. You will receive a new quest in that chest that will take you to the next step.

Second Step 

After reaching the second step, you will start following Anchor Of Light. From that spot, you need to search for a small ball of light. You can use that light to find the hidden lecterns in the specific area. For your convenience, let us tell you that the first lectern you want to activate is present next to the light spawns. Pick it up and walk instantly from there. Please note that all of the lecterns are the same in colour. You need to clarify them in a specific order for better understanding. Secondly, you only have 60 seconds to approach the next lectern after lightning the first one. That may seem not easy in reading but keep practice to approach lecterns.

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You will easily find the first three, but the fourth and next one will be tricky. Don’t worry. You can find them on the third floor of the tower in the Anchor Of Light. After completing this challenging mission of lightning, all lecterns. You will get a message of emerging yourself from the dark. After getting that message, you will become an objective indicator that will lead you accurately to the location. Follow the instructions of the game and deposit the light where it tells.

Third Step 

After reaching the third step, you will be instructed to collect fragments from every unidentified sector in the moon. This process is not simple. You need to pay serious attention to it. You may need to play through the lost sectors in the form of a puzzle, which will trick you. The puzzle will come in strange symbols, and you need to match them accurately to approach the next step.

Fourth Step 

Here you will enter the new section of the Pit Of Heresy Dungeon. For getting access to the dungeon, you will talk with Eris to complete her short questline. After completing the short quest, you will get a hidden symbol-less door inside the dungeon. Here comes the tricky part; you will get many doors and symbols on the wall. Here you need to find the particular entry that interacts with you.

Last Step

After reaching the last step, you will fight with Pariah Ogre. Please keep in mind that you need to drop down until you see a ledge. After standing on the small plate, you will see three platforms. Jump on each of them. The best thing that happens here is that you can take as much time as you need to jump on another platform. After coming on the lighted platform, Take light and bring it to the door with fire pits. The door should be open, which will lead you to the final deadly boss.

While fighting with the boss, you will be marked as “dread.” It will correspond to four different elements, and you need to determine which stands perfectly for you. After deciding, pick up the ball and at the center of the chamber and place it near the symbol you have. By doing this, you will win the war, and it will destroy your final boss. After finishing your boss, you will automatically be returned to Eris, and she will give you your brand new Exotic Xenopage Machine Gun.

What Is Destiny 2?


Destiny 2 is a free-to-play online game that includes a lot of new players in the first interaction. This shooting game’s popularity is increasing day by day, and millions of destiny 2 players were recorded in 2017. After the new update of destiny 2 in 2020, many features and requirements are changed in this game. Let’s talk about some main features that they changed

Changes In The Game

Armor 2.0 has been changed in this game. You are now capable of changing the elemental affinity of equipment. In simple words, you have more extended access to the primo gear, which means you will not get confused anymore for finding stellar equipment. Moreover, some other significant changes happen in this game. More range for accounting for its cooling down. Now you will experience extra 20% health. But the drawback is that you can now get additional damages from energy weapons. On the other hand, some minor tweaks also happened to subclasses, which results in fewer power levels.

Final Thoughts

This article is all about providing you with a guide for reaching a xenophage exotic gun. However, you need to follow these essential steps we mentioned. There are not many chances for skipping any step of them. On the other hand, we also guided step-by-step to the player to reach accurately without wasting time searching and exploring new ways. Keep in mind that fighting with the boss is not as easy as it looks. You need to take your steps more carefully because a slight mistake will cause your death in the game. Follow the instruction guide and remember the symbol of statues. They indicate the light in them.