How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

Finding holes in your carpet and carpet is not a strange thing for some people. However, it may be strange for those who are experiencing it for the first time. You need to take action as soon as possible to defend your clothes and carpet from beetles.

In this modern decade, solving this problem is not as difficult as it was in the previous time. Here in this post, we will give you some relevant and ideal information for stopping beetles from eating your furniture, carpet and clothes.


Key Points

  • Steps For Removing Carpet Beetles & Larvae
  • How People Welcome Carpet Beetles?
  • Summary

Step 1 – Identify Them

They are so small in size and their maximum growth is around about 8 millimetres which is exactly the same body growth of larvae. The adult beetles have an oval-shaped body and your main concern is with adult beetles. The marks and dots on their body shell may differ from one another.

So, don’t get yourself confused with it. The most common types of adult beetle come in black, brown, white, orange, and even green patches. There is also a common type of black carpet beetle that has an only concern with eating carpets and black colour clothes.

On the other hand, larvae are found in non-synthetic fabric. The other identification of larvae is that they contrast with some dark colours such as brown or black. They have hairs on their body, whereas black carpet beetles have no hair on their body.


Most people confused between both of these insects as they are the same thing. You can differentiate them by identifying their colour, physical appearance and behaviours.

As we mentioned above, the only target of carpet beetles is black carpet material. On the other hand, larvae only desire non-synthetic fibre such as leather and fur. Instead of calling expensive services, you can do it all on your own with some simple hacks.

Step 2 – Attack On Them

Use insecticide as your sword and knife and use it in one of the areas where you find most of the problem. After that, check whether it kills them or not.

According to our experience, larvae and adult carpet beetles can be defeated and killed using insecticide them. There are many specific insecticide products for beetles that you can get from Amazon or physical stores.

If you did not find your solution with the insecticide, you can use boric acid which acts as a poison for insects metabolism. Most people said that it is also harmful to humans.

Yes, it is, but only it is taken by ingestion or inhaling. Otherwise, it does not provide any side effects on the human body.

You can find boric acid in the form of powder from any medical store. All you need to do is, just sprinkle it on the carpet and spread it using a brush or anything you like.

The best thing about boric acid is that you can make a spray by yourself using boric acid and hot water. Keep in mind that you need to store the mixture in a plastic bottle only.


You can also kill beetles and larvae by dehydrating them, yes you heard right by dehydrating them. There is a natural agricultural substance known as Diatomaceous Earth which you can find in every retail store.

You need to apply the same rule and method as you read in boric acid. It will instantly dehydrate them. Please note that always buy the product which is food grade.

This will not provide any harm to pets or even humans. In fact, there are some people who are allergic to it. Using “Food Grade” products will ensure safety and allergies.

The third and the most simple hack for removing beetles is vacuuming. It does not require any secondary product. Start vacuuming your carpet like curtains and rugs.

After that wash the fabric with detergents and clean them as much as possible. After washing, let them dry with natural sunlight.

There are some high-quality fabrics that you cannot clean in machines such as silks. We will recommend you to hand wash them a little bit and place them under the sunlight until they dry.

Step 3 – Stop Them Invading Your House

All of the above steps are for those who have welcomed beetles in their home. If the spring season arrives and you want them not to participate in your house.

There is a simple way to stop them. You can hang sticky flypaper for catching them. This will prevent egg lays. Keep in mind that place these flypapers at window sills.

If you are over-sensitive and prefer experts for solving this issue, then simply call a professional exterminator.

How People Welcome Carpet Beetles?

The diet of beetles and larvae are fabrics and products that contain fabrics. They are mostly found in cotton mills and shops where fabrics are present in large amounts.

In the case of houses, they come in by flying through the doors and windows that we forget to close in the spring season. The second way of entering the house for beetles is by bringing infested items.

They will cause serious problems if their number increases day by day. Beetles and larvae eat natural fibers from the wool and other fabric. On the other hand, they will also irritate the skin of humans which you may not want.


We have mentioned some steps that you need to follow if beetles enter your house. However, most of you will become successful in removing beetles from the house. Some of you may face difficulties. If you are one of them then call a professional exterminator and let him do the job.

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