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How Do I Choose A Dog Boot? Choose The Best One!

How Do I Choose A Dog Boot?

Giving the Best Dog Boots for Hiking to your loyal dog is a valuable gesture you can do. However, it becomes their need in the winter season and even more crucial when you live in low-temperature areas.

As a pet owner, you need to protect them from harsh weather conditions and obstacles that may injure them. But, first-time dog owners do not know which kind of boots they need to buy for their dog.

In this guide, we have shortlisted some factors of buying guide that you should consider before purchasing.


The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the size of your dog’s paw. The best way to determine the size is to take him to the store with you.

If you are making a purchase online, then several measuring tables will help you. However, if you are still not getting the correct answer, put his paw on a piece of paper and draw the measurement around his feet.

Please note that there should be enough accommodation for him to wear these hiking boots properly. It would be best if you consider their toenails too.


Different Material Of Boots

1 – Plastic Boots

Plastic boots are the oldest version of dog hiking boots, but they are easy to lose. They keep the dog’s paws dry while maintaining comfort. The best thing about these boots is that they are cheap and affordable.

2 – Leather Boots

Mostly, leather boots are made of a single layer of leather with two holes on the front for dog toes. The primary purpose of these boots is to protect the dog’s paw from injuries and obstacles. 


The fabric material matters a lot when it comes to a long hiking experience. You will find several fabric materials such as polar fleece and nylon, but velcro is one of the best and most comfortable materials.

They make the boot easy to put on or adjust. The polar fleece material is also good, but they are not as waterproof and insulated as velcro.


The last and most important thing is affordability. No matter how good the product is, affordability is always on top when purchasing something.

Paying a high price does not mean that you are getting a good product. There are several budget-friendly products in the market that you can choose according to your demand.

It depends on your budget and preference. But, please be aware of the products that are over advertised. We have concluded a list of the ten best hiking boots that you can choose at the start of this post.