How Can I Stimulate My Eyelashes Naturally

Some women are simply blessed with long, luscious eyelashes, while others must rely on falsies, coats, and coats of mascara, lash extensions (and other methods) to keep their lashes in tip-top shape. They do everything under the sun to avoid having short, limp lashes.

If you’ve ever wondered how to grow eyelashes or thought you couldn’t do anything about the natural length and volume of your lashes, we’re happy to tell you that you can. No, this isn’t a joke.

There are natural ways to lengthen and thicken your lashes so you can show off your lashes. And some of these are likely to be found in your kitchen. Batting those bomb eyelashes is no longer a pipe dream! Read more at this link.

Why are your lashes falling out?

Short and thin eyelashes may be due to hereditary factors, but they can also be caused by a variety of factors such as stress, hormonal imbalance, dryness on the lids, and aging, to name a few.

Why are your lashes falling out?

Eyelash breakage can also be caused by using expired or low-quality makeup, rubbing or wiping makeup too hard, or a poor diet, while eyelash thinning can be caused by poor hygiene, medical conditions, and so on.

Whatever the reason, home remedies can help you regrow your eyelashes and achieve fuller, flutterier lashes in no time.

Eyelash Growth Remedies At Home

Here are 9 natural ways to grow your lashes into thicker, longer, and more dramatic lashes.

1- Oil Of Castor

Castor oil might help you develop longer lashes.

Oil Of Castor

Castor oil is well-known in the beauty industry. This beauty elixir has been trusted by many for its daily skin care and hair care routine, from curing sunburns and wrinkles to avoiding premature greying and dandruff.

One of its numerous advantages is that it promotes hair growth very well (1). It’s the fastest way to boost hair growth, with effects five times faster than any other substance.

Using castor oil on your lashes ever day will cause them to become thicker and prevent them from falling out.

With the assistance of a cotton tip, mix a few drops of castor oil with coconut oil and gently apply them to the lashes. Do that every night before bed, and then wash it in the morning.

2- Tea (green)

Eyelash growth with green tea

Green tea, the ingredient we’ve grown to adore for its many health and aesthetic advantages, now offers even another advantage for you.

 Tea (green)

Green tea consumption and application have been shown to increase hair growth and enhance hair health.

Green tea (2) contains flavonoids and a polyphenol called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which increases the length and volume of your lashes.

The Green tea, whether consumed or used on the lashes, has an important effect.

To develop eyelashes and relax your weary eyes at the same time, place a green tea bag on the lids, or simply dip a cotton swab in green tea and dab it on the lashes every day.

3- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil might help you develop longer lashes.

Another great way to achieve gravity-defying lashes is to use good old olive oil. The substance is high in important fatty acids, which help to promote hair development and keep lashes from falling out.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Yes, it is capable of more than just making your skin flawless and giving you a luscious mane. It’s a simple fix for getting your lash game back on track. Apply the extra virgin olive oil onto the lashes by using a cotton swab.

It hydrates the area, strengthens hair follicles, and lengthens and thickens your lashes like never before.

4- Petroleum jelly

Eyelash growth with petroleum jelly.

Vaseline petroleum jelly moisturizes and conditions the lash lines, promoting rapid lash hair growth. Petroleum jelly on the lids also keeps the area hydrated and soft, which is beneficial to the overall health of the eyelashes.

Clean a mascara wand and coat it with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. For the best results, apply it to your upper and lower lashes every day.

You can also use petroleum jelly before applying the best mascara to keep your lashes from drying out and to make it easier to remove your eye makeup in one gentle swipe.

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