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Firemaking OSRS – Ultimate Guide In 2021

Firemaking Guide OSRS

Firemaking Guide OSRS

Firemaking is a skill in the OSRS game that allows players to create fires necessary for cooking food. This article provides information on how to level up this skill and what benefits it offers.

It also includes some tips about other skills that should be leveled up first before training fire-making. 


Firemaking is a skill used to light fires, among other things. It’s the artisan companion that grows alongside Woodcutting, and players can train it if they wish for quests with quality rewards like:

likewise, there are minigames where Firemakers have their part too, such as:

  • Shades of Mort’ton

which requires higher levels in order to cook tasty food over burning logs at campsites outside cities.

How to make a fire?

Fires can be ignited with a bow, which requires Barbarian Training. They also need logs and tinderboxes, or else players will have to cut down trees for them on an ax until they can get their hands on one from the Grand Exchange (or monster drops).

Once you obtain one, though, it’s not all that difficult: just make sure that nothing isn’t anything blocking your path because when cutting down these woody giants, worthiness is key.

How to use a tinderbox

Drop the log, then right-click it and select ‘Light Log.’ 

If you have completed Barbarian Training with your character’s ax or sword equipped in one hand while holding something like an iron bar between them for protection against fire – as well at least two other pieces of flammable material (like sticks) below/on top of where ever they’ll be sitting down when all this happens.

Then using such implements will cause their campfire to go much further.

Creating Pyre Log

There are many different types of pyre logs in the game that you can make. Although it takes some time at higher levels, players will find themselves finishing their experience much sooner with this method than burning lower-level fires and then having to repeat those steps again for slower leveling speeds overall especially when there’s no need.

Creating a pyre log offers an instant way forward from 1-30, which doesn’t require any additional work outside your playing schedule.

Just click+type away while waiting on other people who may not be as quick about clicking like yourself if they’re getting low on inventory space.

Burning Logs

Some people might be thinking that the fastest way to level up your fire-making is by burning logs at a high-tier or rare. But, what many don’t know could burn them faster and more efficiently are pyre logs.

Pyres can only be made when you have reached Level 30 of Firemaking. However, if not, there’s still an option for lower leveled players as well: regular old-fashioned kindling with almost no chance in hell that they’ll actually light on fire (that didn’t already happen).

So head over to the eastern edge near Grand Exchange – just make sure not to close any windows because now was like, after all.

The player can burn their logs in the perfect formation by banking them at just the right time. With only one tile separating you from an area full of logs, it’s easy for things to go wrong if the timing isn’t precise.

But with some practice and fast clicks on your keyboard/mouse wheel, this becomes easier than ever.

To start, try having all ticks banked before beginning any new pile up so when they do come back later after filling up another group or two.

There will already be more wood ready for burning as well as better odds that everything goes according to plan. Since many stacks are present instead of 1 lone bunch waiting patiently until its turn arrives again throughout each round.


A slower alternative to burning logs, Wintertodt is a low-effort and profitable option.

It also grants passive Woodcutting experience from chopping the Bruma roots as well as an increased Firemaking skill due to its proximity in levels with 50+ fire-making requirements. 

Players can get their Pyromancer outfit for 2.5% more XP than just regular woodcutters clothes/boosts do at higher level trees that require faster gameplay because there’s less time spent making cuts or inventory management when playing on official worlds without any lag issues, so you’re able to burn all your gathered plants faster while still getting some extra loot off them too.

 Final Thoughts

This is a guide for how to make a fire in the game Runescape. You can use it as an informative or instructional piece, and you’ll be able to find some valuable tips on using a tinderbox properly and burning logs safely.

We hope this will help your understanding of these techniques so that you can enjoy playing the game more!

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