Enhancing Security

Today, more employers are adopting new technologies for monitoring employees. Some of them seemed almost impossible to imagine just a few decades ago.

These are non-contact biometric technologies that are becoming more popular today. Today, it is no longer strange to use a face recognition time clock system that facilitates work for both employers and employees.

Also, such systems are enhancing security, so they are considered to be the best in their category.

New Technologies for a New Age

In recent years, it seems that more than ever before – we adopt new technologies in our business. One of the newest has contributed to significant control of employees – and we are talking about biometric technology.

Today, systems such as a face recognition time clock system – have reached massive use among employers.

The reasons for this are primarily the accuracy of data monitoring, but also the safety that such software offers.

However, people, and especially employees, are sometimes worried about safety based on recognizing your face.

Some people are even feeling repulsive towards this not understanding that this technology does not diminish security – it is actually strengthening it.

How Does This Technology Improve Security?

Biometrics is a secure technology in itself. Namely, biometric data cannot be copied or stolen. Each individual employee is very unique, so abuses are practically impossible.

Employees have the most often suspicions that employers can share their biometric data or misuse it – which is completely incorrect.

Not just employers are limited by the law, but also, there are no two identical people in the world.

Even identical twins differ clearly when they ‘go through’ such powerful software. Therefore, if a face recognition time clock system is used in your workplace you can be sure that your data is safe.

Now let’s see how such software is enhancing security.

● What data is collected and in what way?

Recordings made by biometric devices or software are collected by entering the biometric reader. Simply, the biometric scanner examines the parts of your face and then converts them into data.

These data are stored on the company server, in the form of binary codes – so it is impossible to abuse them.

● Use of biometric data on employees

Data is available to the company we work for. They are used to check identity on arrival and departure from work.

For example, a face recognition time clock system will enter the exact time of your coming or leaving the business premises. Also, some strictly controlled departments such as those in banks, require such types of identification.

Biometric data at work will clearly say how much time you have spent working and how much time you took taking a break.

You may be paid more for overtime work – or you may have witnessed some accident at work. All these are the reasons that raise business security to the maximum level.


Although sometimes employees do not agree with these methods, this technology indeed contributes to security. Of course, when you decide on one of the options, you need to think about the real needs of your company.