Alien Gear Holsters

The Alien Gear Holsters are made with soft cloth backing. They don’t fully retain the width of the gun slot when not in use, which can make it harder to draw the firearm and put it back into the holster. However, these shortcomings do not affect the draw speed or ease of operation.

Boltaron thermoplastic shell

The ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster is a modular and interchangeable holster that features a molded polymer shell and grips your handgun. Its retention system is adjustable and features a thumb release for active retention. The Shift Shell completely encloses the trigger guard, minimizing the chance of negligent discharge.

Made of thermoplastic Boltaron 4332, these holsters are extremely durable. They offer a high impact strength and are resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and heat. They also have a higher abrasion resistance than stainless steel.

Holsters made of Boltaron thermoplastic shell are ideal for use in extreme temperatures. These holsters are available for both inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband carry. Each holster comes with a base that can be adjusted to fit different gun sizes and styles.

Alien Gear’s holsters are the fastest growing manufacturer of holsters. Their innovative system allows owners to choose from over 350 custom-molded shells. The process is simple: simply unscrew the shell base and swap out a different shell. The base comes with spacers and screws so you won’t have to spend money on multiple holsters for every pistol.

The Cloak Mod IWB holster is another product that has undergone a thorough development process. Its paddle clip, belt slide attachment, and adjustable cant provide secure concealment and passive retention. In addition to the Cloak Mod, the company also offers the Cloak Slide and Classic Cloak Tuck IWB holsters.

The ShapeShift OWB holster is a versatile option for carrying your pistol and can be adjusted to fit your body type. The Cloak Mod OWB holster offers an excellent range of versatility and can fit most firearms. You can find one of these holsters online or at your local gun store.

Leather backer

The leather backer for Alien Gear holster is flexible and multi-layered. It is constructed from an ABS polymer core with a layer of black vinyl facing outward, which provides a leather-like look. It also has a layer of neoprene, a synthetic rubber-like material that provides a cushion between the pistol and your body. This backer is very comfortable to wear next to the body, and does not require a break-in period, unlike leather.

The original Cloak Tuck Alien Gear holster featured a leather backer. Leather is not a great material for concealed carry, as it can easily absorb perspiration. However, the Cloak Tuck holster has a neoprene outer layer that covers most of the hardware. It is also easy to pull apart for cleaning. There are five layers to the holster: the outer shell, the upper alien skin layer, the ballistic nylon layer, and the stainless steel spring.

In addition to the leather backer, Alien Gear holsters come with additional features, such as an adjustable belt clip. They also offer a lifetime warranty. For more information, visit the Alien Gear website. There, you can learn more about the different types of holsters and which one is best for you.

The Alien Gear holster is designed to be versatile. It comes with everything you need for right-handed carry, including a thumb-release button to increase retention. It has a lifetime warranty, as well as additional hardware that can be adjusted with an Allen key. If you have a faulty one, you can return it and claim a replacement or repair.

Alien Gear also makes a variety of open carry holsters. Their drop-leg holsters secure your firearm to your leg and protect it from dirt. They also come with MOLLE options. Alien Gear holsters can be installed on various backing platforms.

Unlike other brands of IWB holsters, Alien Gear does not require a permanent rivet to secure it to your body. The Alien Gear IWB holster offers some versatility and a good price. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and thousands of happy customers. The company also proudly states that all of their products are made in the U.S.

Spring steel

For those who want to keep their pistol close to their body but still be able to draw the weapon, you’ll want to choose an Alien Gear holster. This company’s holsters come in a variety of styles, including inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband options. Each style has its benefits, but they all share certain features.

Alien Gear’s hybrid holsters use a 12-ounce leather backer, and their retention shells are made of a thicker polyvinyl chloride. They also feature hex screws and crushable rubber washers that make them a bit more durable than competing holsters. Finally, some styles are now injection-molded.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 is a great example of this. It has built-in flexibility on both ends, allowing the holster to mold to the body and ensure comfortable carry. It also offers zero break-in time and is water-resistant. The holsters also include durable vinyl belt clips.

The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holsters are adjustable, allowing you to carry different handguns comfortably. These holsters also come with holster clips, nuts, and spacers that allow you to customize the fit. You can even add loops to customize your holster to fit your particular handgun.

The spring steel core in Alien Gear holsters makes them durable and supportive. In addition to this, they are also built with injection-molding, meaning they are more durable and flexible than other materials. Moreover, they are made of high-quality leather. The material used for these holsters ages well and makes them ideal for everyday use.

Another great feature of the Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB holster is the interchangeable half-shell for a handgun. The holster’s inner neoprene core is thinner and more flexible than leather, preventing sweat and moisture from getting to the handgun. It also has an internal ABS polymer core that makes it flexible and does not sag when the handgun is carried.

The Cloak Tuck holster from Alien Gear is one of their most popular models. Originally, this style had leather backing, but this material is porous and tends to hold on to perspiration.

However, they have since added a neoprene layer that covers most of the hardware and provides more comfort. The Cloak Tuck holster is available in five different pieces: the shell, the upper alien skin, the ballistic nylon layer and the waterproof neoprene layer.

Magazine carriers

For the shooter who wants his/her magazines to be at the ready and in a fast, safe manner, Alien Gear Magazine carriers are an excellent solution. These carriers are lightweight and convertible from inside to outside the waistband. They also come with an allen key for fine-tuning magazine retention, so that they stay in the right place at all times.

The Cloak Mag Carrier from Alien Gear is made specifically for a single stack Kahr PM9 pistol, a popular conceal carry pistol. It is designed with a neoprene backer to protect the magazine’s corners when it is seated. Cold-metal pistol magazines won’t damage the neoprene backer, so you can feel safe and comfortable while carrying your concealed carry pistol.

Magazine carriers come in several different styles and designs. Some are meant for daily carry, while others are made for range and competition use. Some also don’t have belt clips, so they can be tucked into a waistband. Each style is suitable for a specific purpose. Depending on your needs and situation, you’ll be able to find the perfect magazine carrier for you.