Advantages Of A Laser Marker

A Laser Marker is a great tool for marking components. It is non-contact, cost-effective, and environmental-friendly. It can be used for many different purposes, including labelling and identification.

The laser beam also has the advantage of removing layers of workpieces. The laser also creates a contrast when the workpiece is darkly coloured, which is great for polymers.

The laser markers of LasitLaser can be equipped with all source types. We have Fiber, UV, Green, CO2, and Picosecond lasers available. We can engrave pieces made from metal, plastic, or natural materials.

Non-Contact Marking

Non-contact laser marking is an innovative way to mark plastics. It works by applying a pigment onto the surface of the plastic and then using a laser to produce a contrasting effect.

Using this technique, plastics can become permanently marked. Unlike traditional inks, the pigments will not wear off or discolour unless the plastic is handled harshly.

The technology has several benefits, including high speed, heat and acid-resistant results, and low gas consumption. Non-contact laser marking is a great option for marking barcodes, logos, UID codes, and other similar materials.

Environmentally Friendly

An Environmentally friendly laser marker can be an effective tool for a variety of applications, including labelling, marking, and packaging. It is now the preferred method of marking for thousands of companies around the world.

The main reason for this is the reduction in the use of coloured ink, which is difficult to dispose of and has a large financial impact on a company’s financial statement. Coloured ink can also be harmful to the skin and respiratory system.

The environmental benefits of laser marking technology are numerous. Lasers do not require consumables and don’t emit toxic chemicals, and can be used in virtually any industry. Furthermore, they are extremely accurate and ensure complete control over the marking characteristics and properties of the final product.

Another advantage of lasers is their high level of precision. This means manufacturers can mark materials without worrying about hygiene and biological compatibility. Additionally, they eliminate the need for waste management.

Cost Effective

A cost-effective laser marker can mark small parts with high precision and repeatability. These systems combine lasers with beam delivery optics and control electronics. Laser marking is a versatile solution that delivers a high part throughput and fast ROI.

Laser marking is a great option for industrial traceability. Laser markers from Datalogic feature up to 100 code symbologies and human-readable alphanumeric text for marking metal, plastic, and organic materials. They feature high contrast and high resolution, making them a versatile choice.

The most common type of laser marking technology is fibre lasers. The fibre lasers can be used to engrave different materials, resulting in greater contrast and clarity.

However, fiber lasers must be placed in a separate room with doors and adhere to CDRH safety considerations. Fiber lasers can also be used to engrave serial numbers, bar codes, graphics, and 2D Data Matrix.

Fast Processing

Laser marking is a fast, automated process that creates permanent marks on a variety of materials. It can be used to mark part numbers, serial numbers, and other machine-readable data, including barcodes and graphics.

Its advantages include speed and ease of programming. It can also be used on various surfaces, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and other soft materials.

For this project, Transhell needed a laser that could meet its high-speed requirements while still meeting the highest quality standards. The marking laser had to be able to print the 31-digit codes on an area of seven by seven millimetres.

Additionally, it needed to be able to apply the codes in the correct positions on the lids, so the codes could be read by end-users. In addition, the marking process had to be stable and robust, and the process would need to be reliable to keep up with the highest speed.